Hotels in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is the largest Central Asian nation. With an area of 2.7 million sq km, it is the 9th largest country by size in the world. Once an unknown travel destination, Kazakhstan is slowly coming out into the limelight. Thanks in part to the worldwide success of the pseudo-documentary movie Borat and the country's vast amounts of oil reserves. Its former capital, Almaty, is a must-see for its chic boutiques, luxury hotels, hip cafes, and streets teeming with expensive BMW's and Mercedes Benz's. Kazakhstan will definitely surprise and delight even the most discerning traveler.

Luxury hotels and cheap lodging can be found anywhere in Kazakhstan, especially in the major cities. However, you will not find the inexpensive ones online. For the most part, you would have to call these cheap hotels directly. There are also places where you can camp, like in Burabay/Borovoe. But you can camp almost anywhere as there are plenty of uninhabited spots perfect for camping.

For those who want the comfort of air-conditioned rooms and soft beds, you can head out to one of the hotels in Almaty, like the Aliya hotel, which offers 115 rooms, a restaurant and bar, and the luxurious Astana Hotel, which offers satellite television and mini-bar.

Aside from the vibrant city of Almaty, visitors to Kazakhstan should also see the new capital of the country, Astana. Formerly called Aqmola, the city took over the role of capital city in 1998 and is now undergoing major transformation with the goal of being called the greatest capital city in all of Central Asia.

Visitors would want to experience the luxury of being in Astana in the plushiest hotel in the city, the Rixos Presidents Hotel Astana. The hotel features heated tile floors and Jacuzzis in every room. There's also the Okan Inter-Continental Astana, which is the first luxury hotel in the city.