Hotels in Iraq

The Republic of Iraq is located in Western Asia and is bound by the Syrian Desert, Zagros Mountain Range, and the Arabian Desert. The Euphrates and Tigris rivers, both major rivers, cut through the country from north to south, making the land rich and suitable for agriculture. The rugged landscape and ancient sites that have been well taken care of since its long-spanning history have enticed adventurous travelers to experience its beauty.

Hotels in Iraq are usually for businessmen, which is why accommodation is quite limited. Although there are many choices of hotels in Iraq, they are usually high-rise and range from middle- to high-end. Hotel Ishtar is a fully equipped hotel in the Baghdad area that can cater to individuals and even families, with hotel facilities that include a swimming pool and jogging track. The Palestine International Hotel is a largely luxurious hotel, with 406 rooms to choose from. It is also wheelchair friendly. The Kandeel Hotel is internationally recognized and has special security for additional safety. The charming hotel has just 24 rooms with 3 types to choose from, and a homey atmosphere.

Iraq's natural resources include a number of lakes to visit, as well as some gardens and a stunning waterfall. The country's places of worship, museums, and monuments provide a historically and educationally enriching experience to any visitor. Popular hotels in Iraq include the Al Mansour Hotel in Baghdad, the Al Rasheed Hotel, and the Ishtar Hotel.