Hotels in Azerbaijan

A former Soviet Republic state, Azerbaijan is neither Asian nor European; instead it's a fascinating web of contradictions and contrasts. In its early history, Azerbaijan was an important part of the Silk Road and has been a part of the Russian, Turkish, and Persian empires. Perhaps it is because the country is still finding its own identity after its independence from the Soviet Union. Either way, this Caucasus country is filled with beautiful scenery of lush verdant valleys interspersed with patches of arid deserts. Largely unexplored by travelers, many of those who venture into Azerbaijan find unexpected but pleasant surprises.

There are many rental apartments that are available in most major cities in the country. They are cheaper and sometimes even more comfortable than hotels. In the capital city of Baku, travelers will find the best hotels in the country. Major hotel chains such as the Radisson, Hyatt, and Meridian can be found in Baku, and they offer convenient facilities like satellite TV and Internet. Hotels like the aforementioned can cost at least $60 and can be a bit expensive. For tourists traveling on a budget, the Thousand Camels in Baku provides the cheapest accommodations at $20 a night.

Most tourists to Azerbaijan stop at the cosmopolitan city of Baku, the nation's capital. Here, east and west blend seamlessly, sometimes even chaotically, but that just adds to this city's charm and attraction. Baku boasts of shiny glass buildings, stone mansions, tree-lined streets, and hip cafes and teahouses. In contrast, visitors will also find old Soviet-style apartment blocks, historic UNESCO World Heritage sites, and battered old cars alongside its modern contemporaries. Splurge at the Excelsior Hotel where you'll get the best 5-star treatment in the country. Or try the pool, sauna, water slides, and entertainment center at the AF Hotel Aqua Park.