Hotels in Armenia

Straddling the line between Asia and Europe, Armenia is a country with a rich history and a lot of spectacular sights. A collection of panoramic landscapes from lush forests and sparkling lakes, to remote regions with monasteries and temples, Armenia offers travelers more than just sites to explore but memories that are worth keeping. And thanks to its very hospitable people, Armenia makes traveling a very pleasant and easy experience.

The best way to experience Armenia is by staying at one of its many bed and breakfasts. The country has the best network of bed and breakfasts in the Caucuses and most offer rooms with shared facilities. Travelers can approach any reliable travel agency like Levon Travel and Menua Tours to help find an authentic Armenian hotel or serviced apartment. In the capital city of Yerevan, the Envoy hostel offers cheap but cozy accommodations.

The capital city of Yerevan offers travelers endless entertainment and dining options, and all the convenience of a big city. It also provides tourists with a look at the unlikely combination of Soviet and Armenian architecture - pink stone facades. However, for those who seek a less hectic tour of the country, try the resort town of Dilijan that is northeast of Yerevan. It is often called the "Armenian Switzerland" for its scenic forest, mountain, and alpine valley views. The mild climate and fresh air make for a perfect place for a walking tour of the various ancient monasteries that dot the countryside. Accommodations are available at the Daravand Guesthouse near the Jukhtak Monastery. It offers an open-air dining area, a bar, and a garden where guests can have nice conversations. There's also Dili Villa Guesthouse which offers modern comforts such as satellite television and Wi-Fi Internet connection.