Hotels in Vietnam

Like a dashing debutante, Vietnam has stepped into the world stage as the next exciting tourist destination. It is a nation of nearly 86 million determined to showcase its cultural treasures which have captivated the West for centuries. Vietnam boasts of an economic growth which has surpassed international expectations. Just recently, it has joined the World Trade Organization in a bid to recapture its old glory as the "Paris of the Orient".

Vietnam is surprisingly a favorite tourist destination as shown by steadily increasing tourist arrivals. To complement this resurgence, well-appointed and modern hotels and travel inns have mushroomed in the capital city of Hanoi. One of these is Hanoi Elegance 4 Hotel, located in very heart of the city, has been dubbed as an excellent boutique hotel. It is near the bustling Hanoi Old Quarter and historic Hang Manh Street. White Stars Hotel offer visitors value for their money as it is just a step away from the frenzy of downtown Hanoi.

Synonymous with mystical Vietnam is Halong Bay, a World Heritage site. Visitors are mesmerized by three thousand or more islets dotting the enchanting waters of Tonkin Gulf. Its fine-sand beaches are hard to resist that visitors often stay in for a day or two. Halong Bay may be reached by bus and ferry rides from Hanoi via package tours available at most hotels. For those who choose to spend the night at Halong City, a good hotel is Halong Plaza Hotel which offers a picturesque view of the majestic Halong suspension bridge.