Hotels in United Arab Emirates

Dubai is the most popular out off the seven states making up the United Arab Emirates. It has become an inevitable stop for world travelers for many reasons, foremost of which is its burgeoning tourism industry. Dubai's five-star hotels are the best in the world, so are its three-star hotels.

Raffles Dubai evokes Egyptian architecture, with touches of Asian and Middle Eastern motif. Its restaurants and bars showcase foods from seven continents. It has 11 private rooms equipped with the latest audio-video technology. Raffle's Sky Garden is Dubai's grandest venue for all sorts of outdoor sorties.

Burj Al Arab, meanwhile, is currently ranked as the world's most expensive hotel. Everything about it is on a grand Arabic scale, almost excessive: a Rolls Royce fetch from Dubai International Airport, a butler for every suite, the most sophisticated satellite TV sets in the Middle East, and a laptop notebook computer in every room. No wonder you'd catch the world's rich and famous wining and dining in its bars.

If you're not up for flashy effects, The Panorama Bur Dubai Hotel is the place to go. It is a six-storey building in the Bur Dubai area, and only a kilometer from beach resorts and shopping centers. Homey and quiet, The Panorama Bur is admired for its warm staff and modern comforts minus the high price. Lou'Loua Beach Resort, on the other hand, takes comfort to a high level, literally as it is overlooking the Arabian Gulf. It is surrounded by white sand and near Sharjah blue Souk, a famous shopping center.

Dubai is the richest among the seven emirates. It has also the most number of foreign oversees workers and investors.