Hotels in South Korea

South Korea, or Land of the Morning Calm, is nowhere near calm. Its capital, Seoul, is a vibrant city pulsating with infectious energy that's hard to ignore. What is more appealing than a city that loves life and shows it? Meanwhile, there are the less energetic places where one can experience a different side of South Korea, like the ancient city of Gyeongju where royal tombs, temples, and pagodas are worth a visit. Then there's Busan, the rugged port city south of the country.

There are plenty of lodgings in every price bracket all over South Korea. Some of the top hotels, like Royal Hotel Seoul and Namsan Park Hotel, offer typical Western-style rooms and also Korean-style rooms. It's probably worth the price if you get to experience a Korean room with its ondol, a complex floor-heating system that heats stone slabs under clay and oiled paper. Mattresses are laid on the floor and the furniture is limited to a low table and perhaps, a TV. It is worth noting that accommodation rates in Seoul cost twice as much than anywhere else in the country.

Aside from the capital city of Seoul, Jeju Island off the southern coast of South Korea is one of the must-visit places in the country. The mild weather, scenic beaches, caves, cliffs, and waterfalls make the island a top tourist destination, as well as a very popular honeymoon haven among Korean newlyweds. Travelers can choose to splurge at the Shila Jeju, a five-star resort with its own 21-acre cliff-top garden, or at the Hyatt Regency Jeju where every room has balconies with ocean views.