Hotels in Pakistan

Pakistan's great sights range from ancient ruins to its Himalayan peaks. But that doesn't mean there are no first-rate and affordable hotels in cities like Lahore and Islamabad.

The Islamabad Arena is located in a posh address. It is near ruins that date back thousands of years. Islamabad Arena's rooms bear Pakistani motif. The Pearl Continental Hotel in Lahore, on the other hand, has 485 suites. It is near Lahore International Airport and the main business center. The hotel's restaurant serves Western, Asian, and Middle Eastern cuisine. The Pearl is highly rated for arm service.

There are tourist-friendly hotels in another part of Islamabad such as the Mirage. It features modern rooms with artsy interiors. The Mirage is within walking distance to Anarkali's old shops Food Street where you can find over 100 local restaurants. Moreover, The Mirage's suites have high speed internet. The Wester Inn in Islamabad, meanwhile, is minutes away from the Pakistan Presidency. It is on Main Embassy Road, which is why it is easy to go practically anywhere in the city. It's a small low-cost hotel that has all the amenities of a four-star hotel such as spacious rooms with functional decors, Wi-Fi wired rooms and lobby, and airport fetch. At any time of the day Wester Inn staff serve you food upon request.

Security remains an issue for travelers to Pakistan, but it doesn't seem to impact much on the continuing efforts of the present government to beef up its tourism program. As it is, Pakistan is getting there in no time. .