Hotels in Japan

The island nation of Japan is located in Eastern Asia. More than 6,800 islands compose Japan, and overall the country has a truly unique landscape. Most of the country is covered in lush forests. Its capital, Tokyo, is one of the significant command centers in world economy, making it one of the busiest and liveliest cities in the world.

Hotels in Japan include traditional Japanese guesthouses called ryokan, bed and breakfasts, dormitories, Western-style high-rise hotels, business hotels, and pensions. Japan is also home to unique accommodations, such as the love hotels, meant for couples who intend to stay for just a few hours. Hotels in Japan also feature temple lodgings, called shukubo, where visitors can spend the night in Buddhist temples. Hotels in Japan cater to backpackers, families, and couples, although they are typically more expensive than anywhere else in the world. The Ryokan Rakucho in Kyoto offers an authentic Japanese guesthouse experience in the midst of lush greenery. Hotel Paruko in Shibuya is a love hotel where each room has a different design, meant to entice lovers.

The Shinjuku Hotel in Tokyo has an ideal location close to the city center, and offers five-star amenities. In Shibuya, the Cerulean Tower Hotel has five famous restaurants, while each room is decorated in soft Japanese colors and comes with a view of the city. Japan's lush flora, ancient cities, Buddhist temples, and modern cities are popular attractions. The Japanese culture is unlike any in the world, due to the fact that throughout history the country was isolated. Karaoke was invented in Japan, as well as anime, which has many fans in the western world.