The best hotels in North America are found in the busiest cities. Even this is relative. In Toronto you have the Renaissance Skydome; you have the Omni Parker Hotel in Boston.

The Renaissance Skydome Hotel is now called as Rogers Centre. But it will always be known as The Skydome Hotel to locals and patrons. The hotel overlooks the stadium and infield where the famous Blue Jays play. You can literally watch the games from your window. The rooms are well furnished-that includes overstuffed chairs. You need not worry about cheers and noise rousing your sleep. The rooms are soundproof! Intercontinental Hotel and CN Tower are walking distance from here. You can thank the hotel staff again and again for their attentive response to all your questions. Checking out downtown Toronto at night should not be a problem as it is mere minutes by car.

Boston's Omni Parker Hotel, on the other hand, is wrapped in history. It is literally an historic meeting place in the area. Consider these facts: Ho Chi Minh once worked there while he was going to Harvard. So did Malcolm X. The Bosom Creme Pie was cooked up in its kitchen. In its heyday as a habitue, Omni Parker Hotel saw the likes of Charles Dickens and Ralph Waldo Emerson as guests.

No two rooms are the same at Omni Parker Hotel, even those that belong to the same category. That the hotel has 50 bedroom styles is widely known. Moreover, the hotel stands at a convenient spot: It is only steps away from Government Crossing and the State House. From here you can walk to downtown crossing, to the Common, and further to Fanueil Hall. To top it all, Omni Parker is the longest operating hotel in the United States. Omni Parker opened in 1855.

North America is made up of the United States, Mexico, and Canada. The continent is home to a mixture of races and cultures. But North America does not repeat itself: every part of it is different.