Central America's exotic beaches beckon tourists from around the world. The region is home to many of the world's most beautiful women. In Central America there seems to be an unwritten law that beauty should be everywhere. So beauty is what you get when you book in Central American Hotels.

Hotel Antigua is a perfect shelter whether for a short or long stay. It is near the bus terminal, market, and most landmarks of the city. Other than the fair price, the Hotel offers a well furnished kitchen and a fridge. Hotel Antigua is classed as a pension house. But its restaurant serves a menu that could blush a food connoisseur. The dining gives you an open air view of Volcan Agua. Room rate is included in your room rate. For that your are treated to continental dish side-dished with local fare. That means you have a good deal of baked bread, fresh juice, cereals, fruits and whatnots.

On the other hand, Grand Bahama Island Westin in the Bahamas looks out to bleach white beaches surrounded by deep blue water. The hotel is perfect place for romance. On and off the beach area you have plenty of restaurant choices. There is a casino for players and a sports facility for health buffs, and a golf course for amateurs and professionals. If all of that bores you, you can dive, snorkel, or jet ski anytime. The hotel has a number of pools but with the beach literally within reach, nobody cares to use them anymore.

Central America has been part of the Mesoamerican civilization during the pre-Columbian era, which was considered as one of the most advanced cultures in the world in earlier times. One lasting influence of the Spanish colonization in this region is Roman Catholicism. It remains as the predominant religion in Central America.