Tourism did not start in the Caribbean until the 1980s. Since then, tourism has contributed much to the economy of this tropical paradise. Today there are plenty of high end and mid-range hotels to choose from in the Caribbean.

For those who seek silence and solitude, the Old Bahama Bay by Ginn sur Mer tops the list. The resort goes heavy on traditional Bahamian charm with a touch of modern comfort. With the hotel's suites face the sea, the resort is a popular venue for beach weddings. Camping is a common family activity. But what makes Tortuga Bay in the Dominican Republic a posh location, is the fact that homes of icons such as Julio Iglesias and Mikhail Baryshnikov are within reach. Adding to the hotel's class is oceanfront golf course, known for its chic design. The rooms have plasma TV sets, wifi, and a pool area. There are laptops for rent any time of the day.

Thrill seekers get their due when they check into Rockhouse Hotel in Jamaica. It is located in the town of Negril, Rockhouse doesn't disappoint when it comes to its nightly parties. Having thatched villas on a cliff overlooking the sea, guests can laze around in its 60-foot horizon pool. Rockhouse is within the party parameter so you need not stray too far for more kicks.

Jake's, along Jamaica's south coast, has an array of artsy Rastafarian cottages. The place was designed by an artist, so everything from doors to flower pots is an art on its own. Jake's is famous with tourists from USA and Canada.

Some observers say many of the countries in the Caribbean are losing out to competition because of delayed infrastructure. But it's this utter simplicity that tourists love.