Cheap Flights to Trinidad and Tobago

Cheap Flights to Trinidad and Tobago

Getting to Trinidad And Tobago

Cheap flights are available to Piarco International Airport on Trinidad, but you can fly to a smaller airport on Tobago, Crown Point Airport, that has more direct traffic from Europe and local islands. You should also consider flying with American Airlines, often the best source of cheap airfare since it has the most flights.


The main airport is Piarco International Airport (POS) on Trinidad. It has two terminals, the North and the South Terminal. The airport was acknowledged as Caribbean's best airport for patron satisfaction and operational competence at the esteemed World Travel Awards held in 2006. This is also the site of the world's first ACI Global Training Center on Aviation and the advanced Aviation Security Training Center. Air service is available from New York; Miami; Houston; San Juan, Puerto Rico, Caracas, Venezuela; Toronto, Canada; Panama City, Republic of Panama; London, UK; Georgetown, Guyana; and a variety of other islands in the Caribbean.


Caribbean Airlines is the national airline, with its main hub at the Piarco International Airport in Trinidad, operating international services from the Caribbean to the United States, South America, Canada, and United Kingdom. The Airline, which began operations 2007, is entirely owned by the government of Trinidad and Tobago. Other airlines that fly to the country are Delta Airlines, Continental Airlines, Liat Airlines, American Airlines, British Airways, COPA Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Monarch Airways, and Condor Airlines.

Other Money-Saving Tips

It is best to fly to Trinidad and Tobago on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, for the cheapest airfare possible. Mondays are popular with business travelers and weekends are key dates for holidaymakers. Increased demand brings increased fares. The peak season is from January to May, the dry season, and the rainy season, from June to December, is the slow season.

In Closing

Trinidad and Tobago is a beautiful and exciting place to visit with many things to entertain you during your visit. Plan a relaxing beach vacation, or a more adventurous vacation; either way you will not regret the opportunity to experience this country and to meet the wonderful people of Trinidad and Tobago.

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The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is a state comprising mainly of two Caribbean islands, situated in the southern Caribbean just south of Grenada and northeast of the South American country of Venezuela. Tobago is the more laidback island where the way of life is more relaxed and unhurried, while Trinidad is the busier one with ample natural attractions and a vibrant nightlife. Generally, both of the islands are ideal for leisure and rest. You can enjoy the many beautiful and pristine beaches, first-rate diving sites, and verdant rainforests best for strolling and nature watching. The other tourist attractions worth a visit are the Pitch or Asphalt Lake, a natural wonder and the biggest pitch lake in the world; and Fort King George, one of the island's best-preserved historical landmarks.

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