Cheap Flights to Spain

Cheap Flights to Spain

Highlights of Spain

Spain prides itself in offering tourists a rich taste of its history and culture, more than any other European country. It is renowned for its Flamenco dance, tapas, siestas, active nightlife, bullfighting and matadors, wonderful beaches, and lots of sunshine. The country has some of the most breathtaking towns and cities, preserving old landmarks while continuing to build new ones. Each region is distinct and unique in terms of physical land features, climate and other characteristics.

Getting to Spain

When flying to Spain, the cheapest option is to book a flight from the UK, Ireland or Germany and select an airline from there. A number of airlines cater to a tight budget; the most popular are Britannia, Monarch or Easyjet. By flying within cities in Spain, travelers can take advantage of other offers. Cheap cities to travel into include the Canary Islands, Ibiza, and Mallorca, while Andorra is also recommended for its skiing resorts.


Spain has 47 airports as well as a heliport equipped with advanced amenities and services. Some of the major and busiest airports in Spain include Barcelona, Alicante, Madrid, Malaga, Valencia, Gibraltar, Murcia, Corvera and Girona. Each airport has distinct features that define them as different from the rest. For instance, the Murcia airport was primarily used by the military with ongoing negotiations for more civilian flights to be allowed, while the airport in Madrid is massive and requires passengers to use an airport bus to transfer from its three different terminals. Travelers can also take advantage of the smaller airports available but these are more directed for domestic flights. These smaller airports include Albacete, Caludad Real, Cuenca,Merida, Tervel, and Cordoba.


There are several airlines that operate within as well as to and from Spain. Airlines such as Spanair, Iberia, and Air Europa offer discount coupons. Some of the other airlines available include AeBal, Futura International Airways, Binter Canarias, Air Plus Comet, Iberworld, and Air Nostrum.

Other Money-Saving Tips

When deciding to travel to Spain, travelers should keep in mind the budget they are willing to spend. If traveling on a low budget, there are cost efficient tips to flying to and from Spain as well as alternative ways of having fun while staying there. A lot of bargain flights are offered which travel to and from Madrid, Malaga and Barcelona. The key is to research and plan early. Book a flight that will depart midweek and at least a few weeks before going. Although budget airlines can be inexpensive, be wary of the hidden surcharges that may be added as well. If possible, choose dates that are not during the peak season, school break, tourist seasons or any other major holidays as the increase in tourist activity encourages other prices to increase as well. A terrific way of comparing airline rates is to search the Europe Cheap Ticket Links website. One popular low cost airline is Vueling, which normally offers cheap flights with frequent promos.

In Closing

Spain is still one of the most visited countries in Europe. Tourists flock to the country for its wonderful weather, geography, architecture, culture, and excellent food. Travelers who intend to visit here should plan ahead in order to be able to enjoy more of what Spain has to offer.

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