Cheap flights to Paraguay

Cheap flights to Paraguay

Getting to Paraguay

You can easily reach Uruguay from Argentina and Brazil by rail or by water, and once within the country, the railroad provides excellent transportation to most regions. Usually the cheapest flights directly to Paraguay are routed to Silvio Pettirossi International Airport.


With a total of about 12 airports with paved runways and more than 50 smaller airports, finding cheap flights to Paraguay has become an interesting activity. The major airport is the Silvio Pettirossi International Airport (IATA: ASU/ICAO: SGAS), handling most of the international and domestic flights in the country. Other airports and their IATA/ICAO codes are: Juan de Ayolas Airport, (AYO.SGAY), Guarani International Airport, (AGT/SGES), Teniente Prim Alarcon Airport, (ENO/SGEN), Filadefia Airport (FLM/SGFI), and La Victoria Airport.


Airlines in Paraguay are TAM Linhas Aeras flights, Gol flights, and TAM Mercosur flights. These flights visit top destinations such as Asuncion and Ciudad Del Este.

Other Money-Saving Tips

It is always best to avoid scheduling flights on public holidays, including: Batter of Boqueron Day (Sept.29), Independence Day (May14-15), Constitution Day (Aug.25), Peace of Chaco Day (June12), New year's day, Feast of St. Blaise, Heroes Day, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter, Labor day (May 1), Ascension day, Corpus Christi, Day of the Race, All Saints' Day and Christmas. These festive periods always mean higher fares and higher hotel costs, and even some increase in food costs.

In Closing

If you can find a cheap fare to Uruguay, it is well worth a trip, even if you only pass through on your way to some other South American destination, or perhaps to have day or two on the beach on your way home.

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The Republic of Paraguay is land locked country in South America. Bordering countries are Argentina to the south and southwest, Brazil to the east and northeast, and Bolivia to the northwest, and all offer cheap flights to Paraguay. One of the most interesting attraction is Iguassu falls- a natural heritage which has gained international recognition by UNESCO. The fall area covers about two miles and has 275 cascades flowing about 5297 cubic feet of water per second. In addition, tourists enjoy a vit to the largest hydroelectric power plant built on the Parana River.

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