Affordable Flights to the Sultanate of Oman (Oman)

Affordable Flights to the Sultanate of Oman (Oman)

Highlights of Oman

Oman, known as the Sultanate of Oman, is located on the Arabian Peninsula and its capital city is Muscat. The country, which has desert climate with extreme hot temperatures in summer has surprisingly milder climate in winter. This country has something for everybody! Travel to Jebel Shams and gaze into Wadi Ghul, Oman's version of the U.S.'s Grand Canyon. Just as awe-inspiring, the layered canyon walls tell a much different story than that of its cousin in the U.S. Then travel to Dhofar. This southernmost, sub-tropical province gives you the opportunity to pluck home-grown frankincense on the rolling hillsides. While in Dhofar, branch out from Salalah to take in Job's Tomb, Mirbat's wonderful beaches, and the famed blowholes in the undercliffs at Mughsail. Schedule a tour or rent a vehicle to explore the Sharqiya Region. Situated on the easternmost corner of the Arabian Peninsula, it is the home to picturesque beaches, stunning wadis (arroyos), the reddish-blonde sand dunes of Sharqiya and turtle-nesting sites that you may not see anywhere else. Oman's people will welcome you and not hesitate to point you in the right direction, or to share your supposedly hidden campsite. They are friendly and forthright-a real joy as you traverse Oman.

Getting to Oman

Oman, being one of the more popular destinations in the Middle East, is fairly easy to get to on most major airlines from most countries in the world. Air India, American Airlines, British Airways, Emirates and Ethihad Airways, also of the UAE, all have scheduled Oman flights. KLM, based in the Netherlands, Germany's Lufthansa, Quatar Airways, Swiss International Air Lines, Thai Airways and Turkish Airlines also offer regularly scheduled flights. Oman is often part of a 'tour' of the middle east, so explore the possibility and compare rates of flying to one of the major hubs and then taking smaller flag ship carriers for each country you wish to visit, returning to the hub for your trip home. These smaller carriers, booked separately, will often result in significant savings.


Muscat International Airport, formerly known as the Seeb International Airport, is the largest airport situated in Muscat, Oman and is almost 19 miles from old Muscat and only a little over 9 miles from the residential localities. The airport is currently undergoing massive expansion and modernization. Some of the well known airline service providers in Oman airports provide frequent flights via Dubai, one of the booming cities of the Arabian Peninsula. It is expected that the Muscat International Airport, upon completion of its current expansion, will serve 12 million passengers; and after its final expansion, the airport should be able to handle at least 48 million passengers. Salalah International Airport is Oman's second most important airport as it is situated in the second largest metropolis in the Sultanate of Oman. Salalah's airport mainly caters to domestic flights serving important regional cities like Kuwait, Dubai and Doha. This airport too, is undergoing expansion and modernization and is expected to be completed in 2011.


The Oman Air SAOC is the national airline of Oman and has its base in Muscat. It not only operates domestic but also international flights and provides local air taxis and charter flights. Oman is the hub airport for all major international airlines such as British Airways, Air France, Air India, Qatar Airways, Lufthansa, Swiss International, Saudi Arabian Airways, Etihad, Kuwait Airways, Gulf Air, Emirates and Oman Air.

More Money-Saving Tips

The peak tourist season in Oman is from November to March. During this time, the cooler temperatures, averaging 77 ?F make sightseeing that much more enjoyable, though the rates for accommodations and airfares will rise. The rest of the year is oppressively hot and uncomfortable for those not accustomed to it. Mid-June to late August though, is the season of the khareef, the rainy season in southern Oman. Dhofar's grassy hills receive drizzle and everything in the desert greens up. The locals and Gulf visitors take great pleasure in playing or picnicking in the rain during this time of year. This will be the next best time to visit Oman and will result in lower costs across the board.

In Closing

Even the desert of Oman presents opportunities for really getting away. A series of recently improved roads and graded tracks have made it possible to explore more of the interior of Oman and to experience the desert in all its glory. Take the coast road from Filim to Shwaymiyah or the mountain track to Gaylah. Find a suitable sand dune to provide a fair amount of shade and pitch your tent! It's not uncommon to have a local join you, though you may not have seen another car all day. Surprises abound in Oman!

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