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Cheap Flights to Norfolk Island

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Norfolk Island is a small volcanic island in the Pacific Ocean about 1600 kilometers from Sydney, Australia. There are two small islands to the south: Nepean and Philip. Norfolk is a non-mainland Australian territory that is self-governing.

Norfolk Island is served by two airlines with regular flights from Sydney, Brisbane, Newcastle, Melbourne, and Auckland. Norfolk Air flies a Boeing 737-300 from Brisbane every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday and from Sydney every Saturday and Sunday. The flight from Melbourne leaves every Friday and from Newcastle every Monday Additionally, Air New Zealand flies an A320 Airbus from Auckland every Saturday with additional flights during the holiday season.

The flight from Sydney to Norfolk Island lasts 2.5 hours, but the fastest flight is from Auckland (New Zealand) and is less than two hours long. The flight from Brisbane is just over two hours long.

The Australian Government controls Norfolk Island's economic zone. All fruits and meat on the island are produced locally.

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