Cheap Flights to Nauru

Cheap Flights to Nauru

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Nauru has Air Nauru as its national carrier. It flies to Hong Kong, Noumea, and Auckland. The fastest route is via Brisbane. Air Nauru has a Boeing 737-300 aircraft that flies to Brisbane and Solomon Islands. Tourists may also try flying via the Brisbane-Nauru-Tarawa-Majuro route round-trip twice in a week.

Nauru Airlines flies weekly from Brisbane to Newman (Western Australia), and to Gold Coast (Coolangatta) The plane then continues to Norfolk Island.

As an island nation, all of Nauru is a tourist's paradise. Its white sand and diving sites rival the best in the world.

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Nauru, formerly called Pleasant Island, is the world's smallest independent island nation. It is a 21-square-kilometer island in the Micronesian South Pacific.

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