Visit Asia, Get Cheap Flights to Myanmar (Union of Myanmar, Burma)

Visit Asia, Get Cheap Flights to Myanmar (Union of Myanmar, Burma)

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There are a lot of tourist spots being developed by the government of Myanmar and by private companies as well. One major tourist destination is the Bogyoke Aung San Market (formerly Scott's Market) which is lined with shops selling antiques, jewelry, garments, and medicine.
Myanmar also has a number of breathtaking sites most of which are temples viewed from the mountains. The country is dotted with several pagodas and colonial inspired buildings and pagodas and temples are usually found in Bagan which is a very good site to explore if you want to know more about their culture. The colonial buildings in Myanmar were built during the time of British occupation in the country.

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If you have planned to go to Asia this is the right time. There are a lot of cheap flights available especially when you enter through major cities. Many budget planes and low-cost aircrafts also offer flights to other Asian countries that are ideal for those traveling on a budget. Asia has many exciting things to see whether you want to go on a cultural expedition, do some historical mapping, tour religious sites or just relax and go on a vacation away from the city. One of the best places to go to learn some new culture is Myanmar. There are many cheap flights to Myanmar and getting there is quite easy for those traveling as tourists.

Flights to Myanmar often come from Bangkok, Thailand and there are a lot of airlines to choose from including Thai Airways, Bangkok Airways and Air Bagan so you can shop around first and find the cheapest flights to Myanmar. Air Mandalay also offers flights from Chiang Mai, Thailand to Yangon, Myanmar for 80 US dollars. Other airlines serving domestic and international flights to Myanmar include Air Asia, Air China, Air India, Biman, China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Druk Air, Lauda Air, Mandarin Airline, Malaysia Airlines, Silk Air and Myanmar Airways International. The country also has other airline companies serving it that bear the name of the country or a place inside the country including Myanmar Airways International. Aside from professional services and a friendly crew, the company also offers cheap flights to Myanmar and other tour packages to help you stick to your budget. Yangon Airways is another airline with cheap flights to Myanmar and like the other airlines mentioned, booking can be done through their website.

The country's primary airport is the Yangon International Airport located in the capital Yangon (Rangon). It is the primary international airport operating in the country and the second largest. The other one of only two international airports in Myanmar is the Mandalay International Airport in Tada-U. Although it is an international airport, it serves mostly of domestic flights except for the international flights from China. There are also other airports in Myanmar although they mostly serve domestic flights and would only help you get around within the country.

Myanmar can be best visited from November to February when temperatures are just right and it does not rain too much. Like any other place, it is also best to visit a country when it is less crowded which for Myanmar is during May, June and September.

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