Cheap Flights to Kuwait

Cheap Flights to Kuwait

Getting to Kuwait

You will not find it challenging to get to Kuwait. The three top international commercial carriers in the U.S. and major carriers from numerous countries around the world fly to Kuwait.You will fly into Kuwait International Airport, a reasonably modern facility with plans to upgrade with a second terminal. The attractions at the airport are limited and the heavy smoking of regional users may affect those with allergies or asthma, so come prepared, as taking care of visas and getting through passport control and baggage claim can take a little time. Security, of course, is very tight here, so check-in is a full two hours before departure.


Kuwait International Airport in Kuwait City is the only airport available besides the three military air bases or airfields. You will most likely not be leaving the immediate area, so this is unimportant. Side trips outside of Kuwait are normally taken by automobile.


Kuwait Airways, Kuwait's national carrier flies to numerous countries in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and the U.S. Kuwait also has a utilitarian, private carrier that flies to destinations within the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent. Note that if flying on Gulf Air you will have to reconfirm your tickets 48 hours ahead of departure. You also have the option of flying British Airways, Egypt Air, Emirates Airlines, Lufthansa, Oman Air, Qatar Airways, Saudi Arabian Airlines and Yemen Airways.

Other Money-Saving Tips

Kuwait is not currently one of the cheapest places to fly into or out of. The airlines and travel agents control prices tightly and discount fares are hard to come by. Summer travel, during the months of April to September is intensely hot, so you may find fares slightly reduced and hotel rates down to some extent, but the cost savings may not be worth tolerating the heat. Of course, most amenities in Kuwait are also air conditioned, so unless venturing outside, this may not be an issue. Sandstorms are most common in the spring, which is February to April, but spring is also the ideal time to visit Kuwait. The ambient temperatures are more pleasant and the desert vegetation comes to life then, with a shimmering green patina over sandy desert. Kuwait is decorated with petunias at this time of year, so presents a pleasant portrait and heady odors that are soothing to the eyes and soul.

In Closing

Kuwait is still experiencing growing pangs during its recovery from the Iraqi invasion 10 years past and you will find hotel and airport security very strict. You can take comfort in these security measures and know that your safety is paramount. Kuwait's people recognize the value of its tourism industry and will go the extra mile to insure that you leave with nothing but a chest full of memories and a promise to return again one day.

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Kuwait is a small, independent nation, (smaller than the size of New Jersey with a total population of about two million), bordered on the north and northwest by Iraq, on the east by the Persian Gulf, and on the south by Saudi Arabia. For centuries, weary travelers from the interior of the Arabian Peninsula have flocked to Kuwait's two major cities - Kuwait City and Al-Jahara for their bustling commerce and proximity to the Persian Gulf. Kuwait City is the most tourist-friendly in this tiny nation, offering an abundance of clean beaches, shopping malls, museums, first class hotels and restaurants and a few attractions that shouldn't be missed. The Scientific Center and Aquarium is the largest in the Middle East. The floor-to-ceiling, wraparound shark and ray tanks, inhabited also by giant spider crabs that reach a huge 12 feet across from leg to leg, a living reef and fluorescent jellyfish are by far the most spectacular attraction of the Aquarium! Kuwait's famous triple towers shouldn't be missed. Not for people who are afraid of heights, the eagle's eye view from the top of the towers encompasses the entire city and the Gulf. The Kuwait House of National Memorial Museum features the wars and the heroes in this country that has had its share, but is trying to put those tribulations to rest. Finally, you can't miss dining in a dhow, a traditional wooden watercraft, at anchor in the shadow of the largest wooden boat on earth, the Al-Hashemi II.

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