Cheap Flights to Kazakhstan

Cheap Flights to Kazakhstan

Highlights of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan, the world's ninth largest country, is also one of the least known and least traveled. Post-Soviet Kazakhstan has been busy reinventing itself into an economic power and modern Eurasian country. The quality hotels and amenities in Almaty, the social and commercial hub, include glossy boutiques, trendy cafes and streets crowded with BMWs and Mercedes. The 21st century is also coming to Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. Located in the northern section of the country, it is a mix of Islamic, Soviet, Western and crazy architecture. Leaving the city, you can trek by horseback or on foot in the impressive Tian Shan or Altay mountains. Local guides are available and all inclusive costs will insure that you have all the supplies necessary for an extended hike. Watch flamingoes on steppe lakes and explore the mysterious underground mosques near the Caspian Sea. The locals, not used to having visitors, will treat you hospitably and do anything in their power to make sure that you are enjoying their little piece of the world. Now is the time to go to Kazakhstan, before the inevitable happens and it becomes a 'go-to' destination for holiday travelers around the world.

Getting to Kazakhstan

Regular flights are scheduled into Kazakhstan from Austria, England, the U.S., the UAE, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Turkey. Flights will not be exorbitant, as Kazakhstan has not yet built its reputation for being a vacation destination. Booking far in advance will almost always result in the best airfares.


Almaty International Airport is the busiest and largest airport in Kazakhstan and is located 15 to 20 minutes from the heart of Almaty, the country's commercial capital. This airport is fully equipped with amenities and facilities to serve any type of aircraft, including Boeing 747's. Its aircraft capacity has increased with the completion of its new terminal. Astana International Airport located less than 9 miles from Astana, the country's capital, handles approximately two million passengers each year and provides a full range of import, export and air cargo services. The airport staff is experienced in handling international and domestic passengers.


Some of the major airlines serving the country are Air Astana, which services both domestic and international destinations, Atyrau Airways which also has scheduled international flights to Europe and SCAT Airline which has services to neighboring countries of Kazakhstan. Booking your flights separately might also result in lower fares, rather than booking all the way through to Kazakhstan on a big international carrier, book your round trip leg to your connecting city, then book your round trip to Kazakhstan with one of their smaller national carriers that provide international service. There are a total of 31 airlines that service one or more of the international and domestic airports.

Other Money-Saving Tips

The best time to book a flight to Kazakhstan is during the spring, from April until June or during autumn from September to October. Apply for a visa to cover the entire duration of your stay. It is also recommended that you apply for medical and travel insurance and check restrictions and inclusions and make sure that the policies cover all activities that you will be doing during your stay in the country.

In Closing

Kazakhstan is still a largely unexplored and mainly native country. The inevitable results of mass tourism have not intruded on the people or the countryside. Visit Kazakhstan now while you can avoid the stress of the tourist crush and thoroughly enjoy the locals, the customs and traditions of this remarkable land.

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