Cheap Flights To Guatemala

Cheap Flights To Guatemala

Highlights of Guatemala

Guatemala is a popular tourist destination in Central America. To visit the ancient Mayan ruins located near Flores, a magnificent island town in Tikal is the best place to stay. For the more adventurous, Volcan Pacaya, just a day trip away from Antigua, is the best place to see nature in all its magnificence. Remember to wear closed shoes though because there is lava flowing from Pacaya. If one volcano is not enough, visit Volcan Fuego, Volcan Agua, or Volcan Acetenango but be sure to use a tour guide.

Getting to Guatemala

Grupo Taca (TA) or the Mayan World Airlines can bring you to Guatemala departing from Miami or Dallas. Many other major airlines serve Guatemala. You may also consider flying to San Salvador, El Salvador and taking a bus or a train to Guatemala City. This may be more exhausting, but the savings may be well worth it.


Guatemala has two main airports: Guatemala City Airport, four miles away from the capital; and Flores Santa Cruz, an hour away from Tikal Archeological Park. There are other smaller airports in Guatemala and that include the Zacapa Airport located in the city of Zacapa, Uaxactun Airport in Uaxactun City, El Peten Airport in Tikal, Rio Dulce Airport, and the San Jose Airport located in Puerto San Jose, among others.


If you are coming from Europe, you can board a flight via Madrid on Copa Iberia Airlines. Other airlines flying to Guatemala include Continental Airlines, Aerovias, Aeromexico, Royal Dutch Airlines, United Airlines, and Lufthansa.

Other Money-Saving Tips

You can save the most with any airline by flying in the middle of the week. Plan your budget in advance, and if the high peak season fares don't fit your budget, travel during the shoulder season. The highest fares will be from December through Easter. In the summer, June to August is the peak season. Any time of the year is just as good because the climate in Guatemala is always pleasant, except of course on the rainy days. The best fares are usually during the rainy season, but many people take advantage of this, so the tourist spots are far from empty. You may also save by comparing fares with smaller airlines.

In Closing

Visiting Guatemala is a pure delight and never boring. Guatemala, the land of the trees, has an abundance of Mayan ruins and beautiful mountains to explore and enjoy.

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