Cheap Flights to Georgia (Sakartvelo)

Cheap Flights to Georgia (Sakartvelo)

Highlights of Georgia

Known as the former favored destination of the Soviet elites, Georgia has become a premier destination for anyone wishing to spend time in an Asian Paradise. Known for amazing scenery, wonderful beaches, and gorgeous tropical forests, Georgia is an affordable destination for anyone wishing to travel to Asia.

Landing in Tbilisi, you will want to spend at least a couple of days in this thriving capital. A blend of ancient and 21st century accoutrements, Georgia is shedding its post-Russian atmosphere to welcome the rest of the world into its heart. Tbilisi sits on the hillsides of a valley, and extends to both sides of the fast-moving Mtkvari River, quite a dramatic setting. Old town is at the narrowest end of the vale and takes you back to another time, with its meandering alleyways and balconied houses. A wide variety of accommodations, to fit any budget, as well as new restaurants and shops to cater to the tourist trade has moved Georgia up on the list of vacation destinations.

Travel up the Georgian Military Highway to another town, Kazbegi, located high in the Caucasus Mountains. The drive is amazing and ends just a few miles south of the Russian border. The snow-capped peak of Mt. Kazbek soars to the west, right behind the silhouette of Tsminda Sameba Church, sitting on its hilltop, an awe-inspiring site for the most jaded traveler. Visit Kakheti, Georgia's historic wine country, also home to the Davit Gareja cave monastery and then proceed to Batumi, the high-spirited gem of Georgia's Black Sea coast. You will fall in love with Georgia and know why Russia wanted it so badly!

Getting to Georgia

You have a couple of choices for international travel when flying to Georgia. You can fly into Tbilisi International, sitting in the capital and after getting your fill of Tbilisi, head downhill towards Batumi. Or, you can fly into Batumi International and do your vacation in reverse, relaxing on Batumi's beaches before heading into the Caucasus Mountains.


Georgia has two other airports. Kopitnari Airport is in the city of Kutaisi and Sukhumi Dranda Airport resides near the city of Sukhumi. Kopitnari Airport is also an international airport and its home, the city of Kutaisi, is the second largest city in Georgia, in the western Imereti region. The Sukhumi Dranda Airport is alternatively known as the Sukhumi Babushara Airport. Both Dranda and Babushara are villages close to the airport, while Sukhumi lies about 12 miles away.


The national airline is Airzena Georgian Airlines, which has regular flights from Athens, Moscow, Paris, and Vienna. When looking for cheap flights, be sure to search for a flight which routes through one of these major cities.

More Money-Saving Tips

Be sure to remember your passport, otherwise you will not be able to get into the country. You do not need a visa or return ticket when traveling from the United States, so don't worry if you plan on purchasing a one way ticket. While staying in Georgia, you can easily extend your trip, so if you want to wait until you find a good deal on a return flight, you will have no problem doing so. You can also save a lot of money on flights to Georgia by traveling during off-season months. There are a lot of tourists during the winter months and during March and April, so try to avoid these months in order to save money. Instead, by traveling during the summer or fall, you will be able to get the cheapest tickets possible. The best month for travel is October.

In Closing

Take the time to visit Georgia. You will not be disappointed and will come away with a complete understanding of why Russia wanted to claim it as its own. Georgia welcomes its newly acquired tourist trade and the Georgian people will go out of their way to make you feel at home and welcome in their country. Plan to stay a couple of weeks, or more-take the full tour from the Caucasus Mountains to the beaches on the Dead Sea coast!

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