Cheap Flights to El Salvador

Cheap Flights to El Salvador

Highlights of El Salvador

Taking a cheap flight to El Salvador may be the start of a trip you'll never regret and never forget. Among the exhilarating spots that will leave delightful memories the the refreshing pools of Los Chorros, a series of large, natural pools of clear spring water from overhanging volcanic cliffs. Enjoy the La Laguna Botanical Garden, the only garden in the world located in the crater of an extinct volcano, or visit the San Salvador Volcano towering over the city, a long dormant volcano with spectacular views and opportunities to hike along well maintained trails into the crater itself. Then try the Montecristo Cloud Forest, where a 7933-foot summit marks the point where the borders of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala meet in one of Central America's largest and most magnificent cloud forests. And don't forget the Pacific coast, a 188 mile black sand coastline that continues south with the major hotel and golf developments of La Costa del Sol to the beautiful beaches.

Getting to El Salvador

If you're looking for cheap flights to El Salvador, you might want to consider booking flights that go through San Jose, Costa Rica, or another major gateway city instead of flying directly. That is because there are more flights and competition from these cities on low budget airlines, so you can save some cash over flying non-stop to your destination. It is very common to layover in one of these main cities.


The main airport of this country is El Salvador International Airport, and excellent roads connect the airport with the city. Many international flights are scheduled every day to all of Central, North, and South America including some weekly flights to parts of Europe. The airport's modern facilities include duty-free shops, fast food and full-service restaurants, bars, air conditioned areas, tourist facilities, car rental, and spacious waiting rooms, with space for 17 airplanes on the main terminal, 3 on the cargo terminal, and around 20 in the long-term parking. Other airports include Ilopango International Airport, El Tamarindo Airport, Barrillas Airport, Ceiba Doblada Airport, Corral de Mulas Airport, and El Zapote Airport.


TACA airlines which stands for Transportes Aereos del Continete Americano is the combination of regional airlines in North America, South America, Central America and the Caribbean that all fly under this brand name. Regional presence includes airlines from El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Peru. TACA is headquartered in El Salvador with routes that include 39 destinations. The usual aircraft is the Airbus 320 with a seating capacity of 300-350.

Other Money-Saving Tips

Airfares are cheapest on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday, since Mondays are popular with business travelers and weekends are key dates for holidaymakers wanting the longest trips possible. Travel on a lesser-known carrier as they may undercut the larger carriers. Also be aware of national events or festivals, which can also cause ticket prices to rise, and look for flights that go through large cities with many flights.

In Closing

Even though it is a tiny country, El Salvador has plenty to do and see. Nature lovers will enjoy the beautiful landscapes, mountains, volcanoes, forests, and great beaches, and eco-tourists will find much to love.

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