Cheap Flights to Azerbaijan

Cheap Flights to Azerbaijan

Highlights of Azerbaijan

Neither part of Europe nor belonging to Asia, Azerbaijan is a nation of contrasts and contradictions. Tourism is, at best, 'embryonic', so traveling here takes a little bit of creativity. There are plenty of rural zones that are advertised as 'rest zones', but those are geared toward the locals who wish to unwind with large feasts and family gatherings. Seki is an historic mountain capital boasting of an 18th-century khan's palace and an inspired hotel housed in an old inn, complete with a court where caravans used to rest at night. Baku, on the other hand, gives you the option of roaming through century-old mansions, exploring 21st-century towers and seeing for yourself a medieval walled city. This boomtown has a little bit of everything and you can easily spend a week here to see it all. Down the coast, about an hour from Baku, Qobustan presents a completely different facade. Appearing depressing at first glance, Qobustan is home to strange mud volcanoes and to the Qobustan Petroglyph Reserve. The Reserve is staffed by English-speaking guides and it is well worth the price to take a guided tour with someone that can translate the Stone-Age and Bronze-Age petroglyphs. Lahic, a mountain village, is populated by copper artisans, boasts quaint cobbled streets and is a charming way to get to know the local people as they extend their hospitality at a community homestay. The Caucasus Mountains offer up gorgeous views and typical villages, such as Xinaliq and Laza. Breathtaking doesn't begin to describe the picturesque setting! And if you have come to hike, Janapar Trail is a well-traveled route across Nagorno-Karabakh that will take you through ancient monasteries, cool caves and old-world villages. Foreigners are advised to dress modestly at all times, particularly women. Locals, especially in the rural areas, are conservatives and still not open to liberal opinions and actions. Neither men nor women should wear shorts as this can attract unwanted attention. The locals' view of religion is treated as a private matter. Hugging and kissing are not a welcome form of greeting, however handshakes are acceptable.

Getting to Azerbaijan

Remarkably, there are a number of international carriers flying to Azerbaijan, though none out of the U.S. Russia's Aeroflot, Air New Zealand, Ariana Afghan Airlines, Austrian Airlines, British Airways, Lufthansa out of Germany, Australia's Qantas, SAS Scandinavian Airlines and Turkish Airlines all service Azerbaijan. You can pick and choose between those cities that you would like to connect in, finding your best deals that way. If you do not find yourself with the time to research your options thoroughly, it might make sense to enlist the aid of a travel agent. They have access to the most current low-cost information and can obtain low-cost seats that might not be available through other means.


Azerbaijan is home to only one international airport, Heydar Aliyev International, located in Baku. Ganja Airport has recently lengthened its main runway, which also allows for international traffic. Five other public airports are scattered around the country.


Azerbaijan Airlines is the national airline, offering a varied domestic schedule, as well as international service to the CIS, Europe, China, and the Middle East. It is based out of Heydar Aliyev International in Baku.

Other Money-Saving Tips

The best times to visit vary, depending upon your final destination. Winter will probably net you the cheapest fares. Winters are mild around the Caspian shores, but can be rigidly cold inland. Mountain area traveling is treacherous during this time as snow ploughs struggle to keep the roads open. Lowland Azerbaijan's peak season is April to June when the skies are bright blue, everything is growing and the flowers are in full bloom. October is a favorite time to go to Baku. Much of the countryside will still be parched brown from the summer extremes, but the nights will be crisp. July is the perfect trekking season in the higher mountains. Summer temps in the mountains are mild and though you may need a light jacket at night, you will be comfortable. Summer in the lowlands is uncomfortably hot most of the time, though traveling then will also result in lower air fares.

In Closing

You will not run into a ton of tourists in Azerbaijan. If you like to 'march to your own drum', then you will enjoy the raw experience of exploring an area that is fairly new or completely unknown to most tourists.

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