Cheap Flights to Armenia

Cheap Flights to Armenia

Highlights of Armenia

Armenia is a fairly small country that boasts a rich history, a beautiful culture, and varied landscapes. Bordered by Turkey, Iran and Azerbaijan, you can experience everything from the terrain of the desert to mountain heights. From hiking, trekking, and biking to archaeology and photography, there are plenty of opportunities for the naturalist in you to emerge.The biblical site of Mount Ararat is one of the most popular trekking or hiking sites. Its rocky assent may be a challenge to some, but the reward is well worth the effort. The National Art Gallery of Armenia in Yerevan boasts of more than 16,000 works that date back to the Middle Ages, a most uncommon experience! Yerevan also is the home of Mantenadaran, the Museum of Ancient Manuscripts. This is definitely a once in a lifetime occasion and should be taken advantage of. The Vernissage Flea Market is another must-go-to attraction and a great place to shop for souvenirs. Make sure to walk to the ‘native’ area of the market to find the local handicrafts. Tatev Monastery is one of the most amazing sites that you will see in Armenia. Perched on a cliff, you can descend to the floor of the canyon, crossing a natural bridge and spring-fed pools of water. With the stalagmites and stalactites, you will realize that this is an open-air cave. But, even nature’s beauty pales in comparison to the Cathedral of Peter and Paul. Don’t miss seeing this!

Getting to Armenia

Flying to Armenia often proves to be a very affordable trip as rates are somewhat lower than more popular ‘destination’ countries. The only two cities that offer an airport with commercial airline access are Gyumri and Yerevan. Both Shirak in Gyumri and Zvartnots in Yereven are international airports with modern amenities and commuter access throughout the country. Plan to connect in Russia, England, Austria or Germany if you are flying from anywhere else. Only Aerflot, Austrian Airlines, British Airways and Lufthansa fly into Aremenia. It will take some planning to get to Armenia, but the effort will definitely pay off! In the event that you do not have the time to search, compare and book online, then utilize a travel agent. Most agents can put together a travel and sightseeing agenda in a package deal that can be very attractive.


Armenia hosts only seven domestic airlines to get to the few smaller airports scattered around the country in Goris, Stepanavan, Tashir a.k.a Kalinino, and two others in Yerevan for return domestic trips.. The remainder of your travel can usually be accomplished by train and is often an enjoyable excursion to take.


Air Armenia, Armavia and Yereven Avia all operate out of Zvartnots International Airport, so may be your most convenient choices. The other four choices, Air Van Airlines, Atlantis European Airlines, Blue Airways and Vertir Airlines only fly between the smaller airfields, though all offer very competitive rates and reasonable amenities.

Other Money-Saving Tips

Booking online will usually result in the best savings, but it may be worth the extra funds to have a travel agent plan your trip around your guidelines. The trekking, hiking, and cycling options will most likely be your least expensive options if you are up to it. Local guides are colorful and warm people and will show you the real Armenia, close up and personal. Take the train when possible to see even more of the natural beauty of Armenia.

In Closing

Armenia is an ‘ancient’ destination vacation and an once-in-a-lifetime event. A family can connect on a trip such as this, but young toddlers and infants should be excluded from the hiking and trekking unless you plan to carry them on your back. It is safe to say that you will never forget the experiences that you have while in Armenia and will come away with a new appreciation of the difficulties your ancestors overcame with aplomb while living in a truly, wildly beautiful country.

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