Cheap Flights to Yemen

Cheap Flights to Yemen

Highlights of Yemen

Yemen's capital city, San'a, is the oldest city in the world. Planned and laid out by Noah's son, Shem, there is a story about how an interfering bird played its part in the location of San'a being a little further east than planned. The architecture looks like sugar frosted houses for the most part, adding to its allure for travelers. Storied buildings, winding alleyways between and a myriad of colors backed by the cacophony of metropolitan noise excites the senses and makes for a carnival atmosphere. Soaring rapidly from the coastal plains along the Red Sea, the Haraz Mountains have been a natural fortress against foreigners' interference in the Yemen culture. The mosaics of the terraced fields and villages fortified against attack all hang together on what seem to be haphazard and dangerous outcroppings. The effect is one of awe.

For those adventuring spirits, the Haraz Mountains are the perfect place to trek, using the mule trails that link the mountain villages together. Travel to Wadi Hadramawt, a dry river valley with lush oases lining its ancient banks. The brown desert gives way to countless shades of green and the magical valley becomes a place of legends. Finally, end your trip with a visit to Suqutra. This island of over 3,000 sq. miles is home to a people that speak a language that no one else knows. Legends proclaim that this island was a resting place for dragons and that the trees still bleed for their memory, but in more recent history, the inhabitants still know how to make fire by rubbing sticks together and the elders remember the time before money existed. What a perfect end to a magical vacation!

Getting to Yemen

Before traveling to Yemen, a visa is required which may be acquired at the Yemen embassy or once you reach the airport in Yemen.You will be asked for your passport and other minor requirements such as proof of your character, purpose of your trip and how long you will be staying in the country. A visa entitles you to a three month stay in the country.


The International Airports in Yemen are the Aden International Airport, the Al-Hudayda Airport, San'a International Airport and the Ta'izz Airport.


Flights to Yemen originate in the UAE on Emirates or Etihad Airways, from Ethiopia on Ethiopian Airlines, on Germany's Lufthansa, out of Qatar on Qatar Airways and from Turkey on Turkish Airlines. Yemen's national carrier is Yemenia, not only a domestic carrier, but an international carrier flying to dozens of destinations across the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia. Other airlines that fly to and from Yemen are Egypt Air, Gulf Air, Royal Jordanian Airlines, Saudi Arabian Airlines and Syrian Air.

Other Money-Saving Tips

Since Yemen has a low cost of living, there are goods and merchandise that you will be able to buy at a relatively lower price in Yemen than what you could in your own country, especially for those living in America or Europe. Some even say its worth taking an extra suitcase to bring home the goodies. As always, booking ahead will usually net cheap airfares. Another option, if you are required to connect at a hub in another country, is to consider booking your round trip tickets to the hub separately from your tickets into Yemen. Many of the smaller airlines that connect in the larger cities will offer much lower fares than if you book clear through with a large airline.

In Closing

A vacation in Yemen will be remembered for a lifetime. Its magical qualities combined with its most ancient roots will fill you with wonder and a sense of 'belonging' to this land where your ancestors once walked.

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