Cheap Flights to Vietnam

Cheap Flights to Vietnam

Highlights of Vietnam

Vietnam has come a long way since the 60s and 70s when the country was war-torn. Vietnam offers some of Southeast Asia's best beaches, incredible scenery and mouth-watering cuisine. Explore Halong Bay by Kayak! Its hidden caves and out-of-the-way lagoons offer an adrenalin rush for those more athletically inclined or a retreat for honeymooners that enjoy the sport. Nha Trang is the destination of choice for those who enjoy the bustling atmosphere of a cultural center. Bordered on one side by one of the most highly rated beaches in the world, the mountains form a backdrop for the resort hotels, souvenir shops and bars. Cycle through the riverside city of Ho Chi Minh for a change of pace; or travel to Hanoi where the arts are in over-drive. You can visit the Apricot and Mai Tai Gallery in the Old Quarter, Dong Phong Art Galley in the French and save the best for last...Art Vietnam in the West Lake Area. Go spelunking in the Phong Nha Cave or go 'native' in Mai Chau, staying overnight in a traditionally build Thai stilt house amid the lush vegetation of the valley. The choices in Vietnam are varied and endless!

Getting to Vietnam

International flights are available from a large number of countries: Russia, China, New Zealand, the U.S.A., Austria, South Korea, Indonesia, Qatar, Thailand and Malaysia. Check the major airlines in these countries for the best fares. You might find that making a connection from a city in a country that offers more frequent flights to Vietnam, may pay-off in a cheaper fare.


Vietnam has a huge choice of international and regional airports. Can Tho, Chu Lai, and Da Nang International airports reside in their namesake cities. Then, you also have a choice of Lien Khuong in Da Lat, Cat Bi in Hai Phong, Noi Bai in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City's Tan Son Nhat International, the Phu Bai in Hue and Cam Ranh International in Nha Trang. Domestic airports number 15, to afford you convenient opportunities to travel between locations.


Vietnam offers a number of domestic airlines, two of them fairly new, that should give you a variety of travel options and fares from which to choose. Vietnam Airlines is the oldest, established in 1956. They have a fleet of 45 with 45 orders currently in place for new aircraft. Jetstar Pacific Airlines and VASCO made their appearance in the early 90s and late 80s, respectively, while Indochina Airlines became operational in 2008. VietJet Air is projected to start operations in 2009. Vietnam Airlines also owns the largest fleet, at this point, so your options will be more numerous with them.

More Money-Saving Tips

It's almost impossible to define fares by weather in Vietnam. Though it's mostly tropical and subtropical, the conditions throughout the country, from the far northern hills to the Mekong Delta, vary from frost and occasional snow to temperatures of 104 ?F in the dry season. Vietnam's weather is also dictated by a winter and summer monsoon season, resulting in damp and chilly winters in the winter; hot and humid weather to the whole country during the summer. Best guess for the best months to travel, according to weather, is probably April, May and October. Planning your trip to avoid these months may result in lower fares, though it might cost you in delays. High season for travel is November to March and in July and August. Prices peak during Christmas and New Years as family members return home on holiday. May, June and September are the quietest travel months, as a rule.

In Closing

Don't allow the disturbing memories of Vietnam's historic past to color your preconceptions of Vietnam. Visit this country, get to know the people, partake of the culinary delights and immerse yourself in her culture. You will not be disappointed!

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