Ukraine - The Heart of Eastern Europe

Ukraine - The Heart of Eastern Europe

Highlights of Ukraine

Ukraine is an East European nation with a rich cultural heritage that has prevailed for nearly a millennium. It ranks 8th on the World Tourism Organization's list of highly visited tourist destinations. Originally home to Slavs, modern Ukraine has a diverse population - three-fourths of which is composed of ethnic Ukrainians. The country shares its border with Russia, Romania, Belarus, Poland Slovakia, Hungary, and Moldova. The southern part of the country is a coastal region - with the Black Sea to the southeast and the Sea of Azov to the south. The total coastline measures 1,728 miles and the rest of the land is mostly plateau and steppe - criss-crossed by several rivers that drain into the Black Sea or the Sea of Azov. The western part of Ukraine is home to the country's only mountain range - the Carpathian Mountains. The climate is mostly temperate with Mediterranean weather prevailing over the southern parts of the country. Kiev is the capital city of Ukraine and the entire country has numerous historic monuments. Tourists are especially interested in the seven wonders of Ukraine.

Getting to Ukraine

Ukraine is accessible from land, sea, and air, and there are good road and rail links with most neighboring countries. Ports in the southern region make Ukraine accessible from the sea, and ports can be found on the coast of both the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. Ukraine has an excellent network of waterways that facilitate internal transportation. With a total of 437 airports - every part of Ukraine is easily accessible by air.


Boryspil Airport in Kiev is the prime international airport in Ukraine, connected with all major international destinations. Other important cities such as Kharkov, Odessa, and Lviv also have international airports. The availability of international airports throughout the country is an advantage to those interested in visiting only specific parts of the country. Additionally, the availability of small domestic airports provides the option of a quick transit to other regions.


CJSC is Ukraine's major airline, operating both internationally and domestically, with a fleet of 19 aircraft and regular flights to major international destinations. Major international airlines from all around the world also provide regular flights to Boryspil. Domestic air travel is reasonably priced with carriers charging around $60 for a one-way trip. Some international carriers also provide cheap flights to Ukraine.

Other Money-Saving Tips

Although, international tourists have an option of getting to Ukraine by land, sea or air - taking a flight is best because it saves time and is relatively hassle-free. Within the city it is best to travel by bus or by metro, since taxis are quite expensive. For travel to other cities you can take a short flight, or if it is nearby it is best to travel by bus or by inland waterways.

In Closing

Ukraine has something for everyone, especially those interested in culture and history, with many monuments and historic sites. The Crimean peninsula is an ideal destination for those seeking outdoor adventure, and the Carpathian mountain ranges offer an opportunity to indulge in the high adrenaline sport of skiing.

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