Cheap Flights to Turkmenistan

Cheap Flights to Turkmenistan

Getting to Turkmenistan

Most international tourists headed to Turkmenistan arrive at one of the two international airports. Saparmurat Turkmenbashi International Airport, a.k.a. Ashgabat Airport, located in Ashgabat, or the Mary Airport which was newly renovated and upgraded in 2009. The latter is the second largest in Turkmenistan.


Turkmenistan also has four regional or provincial airports. Dashoguz, Kerkici and Turkmenbashi airports all reside in their namesake cities. The Turkmenabat Airport is in the city of Chardzhev.


Only three airlines, Lufthansa out of Germany, SAS Scandinavian Airlines out of Sweden and Turkey's Turkish Airlines provide service into Turkmenistan. Your best bet for reduced rates here is to book far in advance or to take a risk on last minute cheap airfares. Last minute means you keep a bag packed and are ready to leave within a day, two at the most, of the day you book your fare. Many airlines will use these last minute fares to fill vacant seats and will have email notification when fares are reduced and designated as 'last minute'. As Turkmenistan is not a widely recognized 'go-to' destination, this strategy may net you the absolute best price. Turkmenistan Airlines is the only airline based in country. Its aging Soviet-era fleet has been phased out, being replaced with newer aircraft, the majority of which are Boeings. They provide service to international destinations, as well as maintaining a domestic schedule.

Other Money-Saving Tips

You will most likely find the least expensive fares to Turkmenistan during the months of July and August. Turkmenistan is the hottest country in Central Asia, though the heat is so dry that it is not necessarily always uncomfortable. But in the height of the summer, temperatures can soar as high as 122 ?F. That may be the best time to save money, but definitely not the best time to visit here. The best times are between April and June and between September and early November. Winters in the north can be extremely cold, though the southern regions rarely freeze.

In Closing

Turkmenistan is a country off the beaten path, but will reward the adventurer with amazing vistas, unique landscapes and even with the unexpected dinosaur footprint in the black sands of the Karakum desert. Avoid the press and confusion of the touristy destinations and visit Turkmenistan for a singularly different vacation.

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Turkmenistan has world-class accommodation facilities for locals and tourists alike. Ashgabat, the capital city of the country, is home to Turkmenistan's most prominent business establishments and infrastructures. Ancient traditions are still prevalent and serve to define the people of Turkmenistan. The opulent castles, statues of gold and numerous marble monuments are as wonderful as the pilgrimages to ancient ruins, shrouded in mysticism. The Caspian Sea is one of the country's natural wonders and a draw to the tourist trade. It provides recreational events for boaters, water sport for the athletic and romantic beaches for lovers. A visit to Konye-Urgench is likened to a visit to the moon. The lunar-like landscape is dotted with peculiar gas craters and the hardy villages of native peoples. In Ashgabat you will see the evidence of the former president in the form of thousands of portraits, gold statues and monuments of himself. But the real purpose for traveling here is to visit the delightfully chaotic Tolkuchka Bazaar. The Yangykala Canyon offers another opportunity for the nature lover to experience the painted desert that defies description. Hiking, camping and exploration are encouraged. Finally, you will enjoy the people. They are known for their unbreakable word of honor and for their hospitality.

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