Cheap Flights to Tajikistan

Cheap Flights to Tajikistan

Getting to Tajikistan

Tajikistan has one international airport, Qurghonteppa International, located in Kurgan Tyube. Dushanbe is the capital of Tajikistan and also has an airport that services some international traffic. Only Ariana Afghan Airlines and Turkish Airlines have routes into Tajikistan, so making one or more connections is inevitable. The most popular route is the weekly flight between Istanbul and Dushanbe. It's a red-eye flight, but there are plenty of taxis to meet the flight and the fare is very affordable.


Tajikistan's regional airports, besides Dushanbe and Qurghonteppa, number six. Routes are sketchy and subject to change at any time, though the fares are not exorbitant. Not all routes go through a major airport, so you may find yourself taking a round-about way to get from one city to another. Planning with a tour guide or travel agent will greatly reduce confusion and result in the cheapest fares...or take a car and avoid the hassle.


The only airline of Tajikistan is Tajikistan Airlines, formerly and often referred to as, Tajik Air. It serves both domestic and international destinations out of Dushanbe Airport. It is the seventh oldest airline still in operation, though its fleet has been upgraded continually since its opening in 1924.

Other Money-Saving Tips

Planning is essential to a carefree trip to Tajikistan. A visa is required before you are allowed to enter Tajikistan. Unlike many places where a visa is easily obtained at the destination airport, in order to obtain a Tajikistan visa you will need an official letter of invitation to the country authorized by the Tajikistan Ministries of Foreign Affairs. Along with this letter should be two passport size photos and your original passport. Accomplishing this well in advance of your trip will save you valuable time, money and energy. The best time to visit Tajikistan is from June to October, when the country is not visited by snowstorms that can make traveling difficult, if not impossible. Weather in the country can get as hot as 107 ?F in the summer and as cold as -50 ?F during the winter months. Being a mountainous region, and considering that the most convenient mode of transportation is by automobile, its best to fly here during the peak season, rather than attempting a winter-time visit.

In Closing

Being the 'odd man out' in Asia, Tajikistan offers scenic wonders and a life-style completely at odds with any other part of Asia. Visit here to travel back in time to a simpler existence and to immerse yourself in an ancient way of life. The Tajikistan people will welcome your visit and you will not soon forget your experiences here.

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Tajikistan has a history of war and upheaval that left it wounded and struggling through the early 1990s. Today, Tajikistan is stable and safe, and is a scenically spectacular vacation destination. Take a road-trip like none other on the Pamir Highway. Breathtaking high-altitude lakes and an invitation into one of the community-based homestays will not only fulfill your yearning for nature, but will introduce you to the peoples of Tajikistan most profoundly. On the Pamir Plateau you can break fast with a Kyrgyz family, savoring the rich goodness of fresh yogurt and cream. From Samarkand, follow the Tajik shepherds to the Fan Mountains. Turquoise alpine lakes and the harsh scenery will garner your appreciation to the shepherds that trek this landscape every day of their lives. Iskander-Kul, a lake at the eastern end of the Fan Mountains, is a great place to relax or to go hiking. To really experience ancient Tajikistan, travel to Istaravshan. A small town that has managed to preserve its oldest sections for everyone's enjoyment, this historic stop will charm you with its traditional ancient architecture. You can visit Istaravshan on a day trip from Khojand, or as an overnight stop on your way to Dushanbe.

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