Cheap Flights to Taiwan

Cheap Flights to Taiwan

Getting to Taiwan

Taiwan is an extremely popular destination, so competition is stiff between just about every major airline in every key country. Air Asia, Cebu Pacific and Jetstar Airways are the three most popular low cost airlines that fly here, so rather than flying direct; you may get your best deal by arranging a connecting flight with one of these carriers. Check into all-inclusive tours into the area also. Tour companies want to fill those slots and will often offer discounts late in the booking season, or for larger groups.


There are four international airports in Taiwan, namely Kaohsiung International in Kaohsiung City, Taichung's Taichung Airport, Taipei Songshan Airport in Taipei and Taiwan Taoyuan International, in Taoyuan. Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport is also the main base for some domestic Taiwan airlines. Taiwan has 14 domestic airports to accommodate those travelers that wish to commute between cities.


The country's domestic fleet is comprised of five airlines. China Airlines and EVA Air are based out of Taiwan Taoyuan International. Mandarin Airlines operates out of both Taoyuan and Taipai Songshan. TransAsia Airlines runs its routes out of Taipei Songshan Airport, while Uni Air operates out of Kaohsiung International. Taiwan's airlines have covered the most traveled routes well and are fairly reasonable, so side-trips to outlying areas are a bargain.

Other Money-Saving Tips

Taiwan's summers, from June to September, are humid, while temperatures hover between 80 and 90 ?F, so this is when you will most likely find the cheapest fares and hotel accommodations. Taipei's amenities and attractions are mostly air conditioned, but getting from one place to another can leave you feeling limp; exploring the outdoors can be miserable. The peak travel times for Taiwan are in the spring and from October to December. The marine tropical climate results in cool winter nights, averaging 46 oF, which is not bad at all, so winter may be an economical option. Typhoon season, during the summer months, can also wreak havoc on the east coast that borders the Pacific Ocean.

In Closing

Taiwan is a highly recommended destination, especially if you are short on time and just want to experience the best cuisine, the extraordinary night life, the close attractions and the beautifully, clean city of Taipei. Taiwan offers a myriad of attractions in outlying areas, but it will take time to traverse and experience these to the fullest. For the short getaway or the extended stay-cation, Taiwan fits the bill!

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Ilha Formosa-Beautiful Island, are said to be the first words out of the mouths of westerners landing on Taiwan. With its lush tropical vegetation, mild weather, stunning basalt cliffs, healing hot springs and green mountains, it must have appeared a paradise. Time, modernization and economic growth have had their impact on Taiwan, but the Taiwanese have managed to spare many of these beautiful attributes from the back hoe and urban sprawl. Taipei is the most vivid example of change in Taiwan. Formerly, pretty much a cesspool, Taipei has cleaned up its environment, built parks along its river, redesigned its architecture, doing away with the garish and ugly, has done away with traffic jams and exhaust fumes by building a light-rail network and has made Taipei one of the most beautiful cities in Asia. The people made this happen, testament to the industriousness and pride of the Taiwanese. Stroll, bike or skate along Taipei's riverside paths. Visit the Shilin Night Market, a carnival of shopping stalls and food vendors that you will fall in love with. If you have only one night in Taipei, this is the place to spend it! Danshui is another place that you will want to fit into your itinerary. A destination with the vibe of youth and a boardwalk-esque festivity, the ocean breeze will stimulate your senses as the scrumptious seafood will sate the most demanding appetite! Most hot springs resorts are away from the city, but if you are limited with funds or time, go to Beitou in Taipei, where locals and tourists go to soak away the stress of the day. To get away from the city and enter a natural world of bamboo forests, over 1,200 species of plants and the amazing scents and sites of flowering rhododendrons, azaleas and Japanese Cherry trees, visit the Yangmingshan National Park, right on Taipei's doorstep. You can also partake of the soothing hot springs waters here. Lengshuikeng, to the east. has springs open to the public, free of charge.

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