Cheap flights to Sweden

Cheap flights to Sweden

Getting to Sweden

Based on its location, cheap flights to Sweden are often easier from Finland (northeast of Sweden), Norway (west of Sweden) and Denmark (to the south). Travel within the country is easy using the inland railway services, which start in Gallivare town and end in Kristinehamn. Cities with light rail in Sweden are Gothenburg, Norrkoping and Stockholm. Getting to Sweden by rail is possible from Norway, Finland, and Denmark.


There are more than 50 airports in Sweden. The busiest by far is the Stockholm Airport. Almost every city in each state has an airport. Some of the airports and the cities they serve are: Alingsas Airport, Alingsas; Anderstorp Airport, Anderstorp; Arbra Airport, Arbra, and Viared Airport, Boras.


Cheap flights to Sweden are often found on Lufthansa flights, Air France, British Airways, Turkish Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Qatar Airways, SAS flights, and Air China flights.

Other Money-Saving Tips

It is best to avoid public holidays and festive periods including: Constitution Day (June 6), Flag Day (June 6), Birthday of the King (April 30), Midsummer celebrations and Nobel Day (December 10). If you want to enjoy every bit of your stay, June to August (Summer time) is normally the best time to visit. It is very important to book at least 21 days in advance.

In Closing

Sweden is really a nice place to visit, and since the government has recognized education as the bedrock for development, it has become very attractive for many international students. The subsidized tuition system makes it possible for many to get an excellent higher education. As a result, parts of the country have an interesting multi-cultural flavor.

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The Kingdom of Sweden is located on the Scandinavian Peninsula in northern Europe. Some of the major attractions include: The national parks - Stockholm national park, Padjelanta park and nature reserves in Laoland in the North of Sweden; Bohuslan -known for its islands and fishing activities; Storsjon - Located in the province of Jamtland, it is the great lake of Sweden. The surrounding highlands and trails attract other visitors to the place; Lake Siljan - This Lake is the center for many traditional activities in Sweden, located in the heart of Dalarna; and the mines - mining activities are very interesting and draw many visitors.

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