Cheap flights to Somalia

Cheap flights to Somalia

Getting to Somalia

Fly in to Adden Adde International Airport in Mogadishu, and then travel by taxi or bus to neighboring towns and attractions. Somalia is on the Horn of Africa, and there are a number of national parks within easy distance of Mogadishu.


Obtaining cheap flights to Somalia is possible because 15 airports compete for the air traffic. Some of these airports and their IATA/ICAO codes are: Alula Airport (ALU/HCMA), Baidoa Airport (BIB/HCMB), Bardera Airport (BSY/HCMD), Berbera Airport (BBO/HCMI), and Burao Airport (BUO/HCMV).


The consistently lowest fares to Somalia are on Skynet Asia Airlines, Djibouti Airlines, Daalo Airlines or African Express Airways. Daalo Airlines is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and you can make reservations on line.

Other Money-Saving Tips

For a guaranteed low airfare, weekends must be avoided if possible, as with most destinations. Booking ahead of holidays and festive periods is also important. There are two main holidays in Somalia that are of great importance to Muslims: the Eid ul fitr (lasts for 3 days), otherwise called the small Eid; the Eid ul-Adha (a 4-day holiday), also called the big Eid. It is wise to book well in advance, at least 21 days, or if you are a risk taker, find the cheapest fare at the last minute, when some airlines cut fares to fill the last few seats on a flight.

In Closing

The culture of Somalia represents Africa as a whole in many ways. There is stunning topography, rare animals, tranquil beaches, and noisy open air markets. Despite nagging internal strife from time to time, this is a special place for those who want more than just a another ho-hum vacation.

The Republic of Somalia, in many ways, depicts the true heart of Africa, with a diverse culture embracing many languages. In addition to Somali, Arabic is an official national language, though English is also frequently used. The vast majority of the population is Sunni Muslim, but there are a number of Christian groups as well, perhaps 1,000 in a population of 8 million. One popular attraction in Mogadishu is the Bakara Market, known for the display of African food items, clothing, and almost anything else you can imagine. This is perhaps a culture unlike anything you have experienced. The Sinbusi beach, just a few mile from the city of Merca, offers stunning beauty and tranquility, especially in contrast with Bakara Market. The beach has huts with several amenities including modern bathrooms and sophisticated kitchens for your convenience.

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