Cheap Flights To Slovakia

Cheap Flights To Slovakia

Getting to Slovakia

Routes going to Bratislava, Slovakia coming from Brussels, Frankfurt, Paris and Milan on Ryanair are usually the cheapest flights to take. For routes going to Kosice, Slovakia the cheapest route is from Vienna, Austria, via Austrian Airlines. For routes going to Zilina, Slovakia the cheapest route is from Prague, Czech Republic, via Czech Airline.


Bratislava - M R Stefanik Airport, Kosice International Airport, Poprad-Tatry Airport and Zilina Airport are some of the airports that host international flights, for those who want to see the Danube River and other river valleys. If you want to see the castles and mountains, choose flights landing at Kosice International Airport.


Air Slovakia, Slovakia's national airline, has flights going to Cyprus, India, Kuwait, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom, but this is primarily for chartered flights. Other commercial airlines include Aero Slovakia and DanubeWings. DanubeWings offers flights from Ireland, Germany, Poland, and Italy, landing at Bratislava - M R Stefanik and Poprad-Tatry Airport.

Other Money-Saving Tips

The months of July and August are the high seasons for tourists, so you will save if you plan your trip for the weeks just before or after this period. Low cost airlines such as Danube Wings, Click4sky, Ryanair and Wizz Air offer flights from Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom .

In Closing

Slovakia is a place for business and pleasure, and a great destination for a winter vacation, with many beautiful ski resorts. The national parks, beautiful city architecture and castles are also worthwhile diversions.

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Slovakia is a landlocked country located in Eastern Europe sharing borders with Austria and Czech Republic to the west, Poland to the north, Hungary to the south, and Ukraine to the east. Slovakia has a lot of medieval castles dating back to the 12th century and most of its castles are located in the capital, Bratislava. You may enjoy strolling along the winding cobblestone streets of the Medieval, Gothic, and Baroque towns and cities. One famous village and castle, Vlkolinec and the Spisky Hrad castle, were named by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. Slovakia also offers a lot of fun outdoor activities, from camping to skiing. The Tatras Mountains and forest are popular for cross-country skiing, canoeing, climbing, hiking, fishing, and white water rafting. River Dunajec, the only river to flow from Slovakia to the Baltic Sea, is also popular for rafting, stretching 17 miles from Slovakia up to the Polish border. Therapeutic springs, thermal spas, climatic health resorts and natural mineral waters also abound to relax your mind and body.

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