Cheap Flights to Singapore

Cheap Flights to Singapore

Getting to Singapore

You can find flights to this location served by various major airlines. Though Singapore airlines is the major carrier, you can find various international airlines like British Airways, KLM, Asiana, Lufthansa, Northwest and many more flying to Singapore. Singapore's Changi Airport is one of the world's best-known award winning international airports, as well as a major aviation hub in the Asia Pacific region. It is located 14 miles from the main city. This airport is one of the world's first airports to house a rooftop Cactus Garden on its premises for the convenience of the travelers. This airport provides good connectivity to the city via rail link (MRT station), taxis, limousines, rental cars and public bus service. It also offers a wide range of facilities for adults and children that include free internet, free movies, free city tours and online gaming. For those who want to relax, they can get a full body massage or a manicure done. You can also relax in the midst of nature by visiting the Butterfly Garden, the Sunflower and Cactus Gardens, or by watching the beautiful Koi fish swimming in the pond of the Orchid and Fern Gardens located at Terminal 3. Needless to say, you can shop, too, as it is one of the prime shopping destinations of the world.

Other Money-Saving Tips

To get the best deal on a flight to Singapore, you will have to plan ahead, keeping a few factors in mind like accommodations and transportation services. If you want to save time and want the entire trip to be cheap, then book your flight and hotel as a bundled package either from a travel site or from a travel agent. You can do your own comparison, if you wish, after getting quotes from the respective web sites or travel agents, though you will probably find that they offer the best deals and greatest incentives to use their services. Your flexibility of dates could also allow you to save a lot of money on flight bookings. If you really want a cheap deal, some airlines provide you the option of bidding to worldwide destinations, and you can opt for the same. Thereafter you can find the value pack deals for hotels and sightseeing, and you might even want to consider a rental car for moving around the city.

In Closing

Even arriving at Singapore's airport is an adventure! A pristine city, it caters to visitors with open arms, combining the best of eastern and western cultures. Singapore should be a 'destination vacation', in order to allow enough time to see and do everything and to partake of as much of the fantastic, Asian cuisine as possible.

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Singapore, a gateway to Southeast Asia, is a beautiful city surrounded by 63 islets located approximately 87 miles north of the equator. It is one of the leading centers for trade, communications and tourism. It is connected to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines, which are approachable by ferry and planes. You can find an incredible blend of both Eastern and Western culture and culinary experiences here. As it is a city surrounded by beautiful waters, you can experience the pleasures of cruising by planning a trip to the stunning islands like Phuket and Langawaki. It is an exciting vacation spot where in addition to enjoying the sights and sounds of ethnic communities and towering skyscrapers, you can also savor the authentic cuisines ranging from haute French, to Asian, to Cantonese. It offers numerous attractions to its visitors; you can find museums, nature and theme parks and several outlying islands in their most natural state. To put yourself in the perfect 'mood' for your stay in Singapore, visit the Asian Civilisations Museum where total immersion into the Asian traditions and way of life will provide a better understanding of the people and the heart of Singapore. When ready for a change of pace, head to Little India where Sunday evenings become very "Bolly". The street vendors and wall-to-wall shops are a welcome relief from the prim and proper ambiance so prevalent in other parts of Singapore. Visit the spice shops, eat fried chapatis, and take home some great souvenirs. While there, take time to visit the Sri Veeramakaliamman, and Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temples, as well as the flashy Temple of 1000 Lights.

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