Cheap Flights to Papua New Guinea

Cheap Flights to Papua New Guinea

Highlights of New Guinea

Papua New Guinea, a.k.a. PNG, is not a tourist hot spot. Traveling here can be challenging as there is limited information for travelers. A tourism infrastructure is almost non-existent; but is also the reason that many people journey here to breathe deeply of fresh air, to gain an understanding of local tribes and to take in the natural wonders that abound here. Located just north of Australia it is the world's second largest island. The western half of the island belongs to Indonesia and houses the provinces of Papua and West Papua. The eastern half forms the mainland of the independent country of Papua New Guinea. The town of Tari, in the highlands, will get you close to the local Huli wigmen. The Central, Oro and Milne Bay Provinces will offer up magnificent reefs and historic war sites, such as Kokoda Track, the country's premier attraction. PNG is undeniably one of the most beautiful countries on earth. It is surrounded by beautiful oceans and its high temperatures and heavy rainfalls have created large rainforest areas. Over 85% of the total land area of the country is comprised of rainforests which are home to a mixture of Australian and Asian species; even those species that died off in dry Australia have continued to thrive in Papua New Guinea. The bird species here are prolific, as are the species of orchids, which number in the thousands.

Getting to New Guinea

Qantas Airlines, based in Australia, is the only international carrier that flies to Papua New Guinea. Qantas planes no longer fly into PNG, though they have an agreement with Air Niugini; Qantas books the flights, while Air Niugini operates the flights. Jacksons International Airport in Port Moresby and Wewak International in Wewak will be your most likely arrival and departure options, with connections to other locations within the country. You can fly out of Cairns, Brisbane and Sydney from Australia, or from Tokyo, Manila, Singapore and Honiara on Air Niugini. Cairns and Brisbane are options to fly PNG Air. You may want to enlist the help of a travel agent in order to get the very best fares; the options are mind-boggling and differ widely.


Getting to other destinations within the country is fairly easy though. More than 50 regional airports dot the country and provide easy access to just about any populated area.


Air Niugina is the national airlines of the country, while Airlines PNG is the only other option. They each only service certain areas and international locations, so you may find yourself flying on both, rather than on any one specific airline.

Other Money-Saving Tips

Plan ahead!! Since Papua New Guinea is not yet on the map as one of the most popular vacation destinations, getting there will not be cheap. If you have the time to research all of your options, you may happen to find the perfect flight at the perfect time within your budget; if you don't have the time, call your trusted travel agent. Travel agencies are given a number of reduced-fare seats that may only be available through a travel agent.

In Closing

Regardless of how you get there, you can be assured that Papua New Guinea will be added to your list of favorite places to go. There is nothing like getting away from metropolitan areas with ringing cell phones, bumper-to-bumper traffic and the blare of boom boxes to give you a whole new appreciation for the 'quiet' life. Soak it up to soothe your soul!

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