Cheap Flights to Norway

Cheap Flights to Norway

Highlights of Norway

A cold country in the northern regions of Europe, Norway is famous for its mountainous glaciers and northern lights. Its stave churches are the country's contribution in the realm of architecture. Travelers enjoy seeing the original inhabitants of the country, the Sami, and hearing the old stories of Norse mythology.

Getting to Norway

Norway is one of the most expensive countries in Europe and the world, along with Iceland, Switzerland, and Denmark. Budget flights are still available and popular for the airports in Bergen, Haugesun, Oslo, and Stavanger. Along with such budget airlines as Ryanair, the smaller carriers of Rygge, Torp, and Oslo Gardemoen offer cheap international and domestic flights. Similar to other countries in Europe, travelers are advised to catch a connecting flight from any European country if possible, since direct flights are fewer and far more expensive.


Airports can be found in all of the major cities and towns, which carry both domestic and international flights. The main airport for Norway is the Oslo Airport Gardermoen where most international and domestic flights land. Other airports that serve international flights include the Bergen Airport Flesland, Moss Airport Rygge, Sandefjord Airport Torp, and the Stavanger Airport Sola. The Oslo Airport Gardermoen is known for its record for the most on time arrivals and they received this award three times from the Association of European Airlines. Bergen Airport is the second largest airport, which previously functioned for both civilian and military flights. Moss Airport Rygge is a recently established airport, built in 1999. It strives to be one of the most efficient local airports in Europe.


Although there are a variety of airlines that pass through the country, Norway has only three carriers: the Norweigan Air Shuttle, SAS, and Wideroe. Both the Norweigan Air Shuttle and Wideroe have domestic and international flights, while the SAS is strictly a regional carrier. The Norwegian is Norway's official carrier, with a fleet consisting of 45 aircraft and flying to over 80 destinations. Wideroe has 29 active aircraft consisting primarily of Dash 8's. The SAS possibly has the largest flee with over 90 active aircraft consisting of Airbuses, Boeings, and McDonnell Douglas' among others.

Other Money-Saving Tips

There is no bad time to travel to Norway, but as one of the most expensive cities, it is more important to carefully consider your travel budget. Travelers are advised to book during the off-season, from fall to spring, when the air tends to be warmer, making the climate more pleasant. More flights are also available during this time since it is after the winter and summer sports and holidays.

In Closing

The land of Norway has something for everyone. Winter sports enthusiasts will enjoy the wonderful skiing resorts. Nature and history lovers will appreciate the rocky glaciers, the northern lights and the stave churches that blend in with the environment. Norway has successfully managed to seamlessly combine technology while retaining its cultural identity.

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