Cheap Flights to the Peaceful Country of North Korea

Cheap Flights to the Peaceful Country of North Korea

Highlights of North Korea

North Korea is a puzzle to many people, especially for Americans as they have not been allowed to visit this country for years! North Korea seems to have been focused on how to remain isolationist, with great success. A hereditary dictatorship has passed from father to son, yet the father is still considered the president of the country. You will not be allowed to travel freely here. If you want to visit Pyongyang, the country's capital, or Paekdusan, Korea's highest peak featuring a crater lake atop a sacred mountain, you will be accompanied by two government-appointed chaperones. You will not be allowed to bring your cell phone, laptop, nor even western publications. The government does not want its people subjected to western 'lies'. You will be given a 'canned' narrative of the history of the country, of course accentuating the positive and for the most part be directed where to stay, what to do and who you can talk to. Now, if you still want to visit the country, just to experience what life here is really like, you will have to obtain governmental permission. On average, only 2,000 visitors are able to enter the country.

Getting to North Korea

Air China is the only carrier that flies into North Korea; therefore you will be making at least one connection and probably at least one change of planes. Air China has regular service from Seoul South Korea into Pyongyang.


The main airport serving the country of North Korea is the Sunan International Airport located in Pyongyang (the capital of the country). This is the largest airport in the country and is mainly used for international flights. The estimated number of local airports is around 78, though most are dually used for both civilian and military aircraft. State information is sketchy, at best, but it is thought that 35 of these airfields my actually have paved runways and 19 with heliports.


Air Koryo Airways, the only known North Korean airline, is state-owned by North Korea and is the flag carrier of the country offering all major international flights to and from North Korea.

Other Money-Saving Tips

When going to North Korea, a visa, issued in your home country, is required. All itineraries such as places you will visit and dates of your visit should be approved and applied for and travelers can only apply for a visa when a flight has been booked and paid for. Because North Korea is quite strict on visa requirements and approvals, it would be wise to let a professional tour-handler arrange your trip. There are certain areas in North Korea which are restricted from tourists but there are also designated areas where people can visit. There are hotels open to foreigners and a complete guide can be found at the airport upon your arrival. If a tourist insists on visiting a certain area, he must get permission from the proper government authorities and even if he is able to get permission, this is still not a guarantee that he will be allowed to go there. North Korea, as a whole, will most likely be a costly, frustrating, and potentially dangerous trip.

In Closing

More than any other destination, travel to North Korea is not recommended. At the mercy of the government, you are dependent upon the 'mood' of the person or persons assigned to be your guide throughout your visit. Conversation will be greatly limited and you cannot even be sure that your hotel room will not be bugged. You might want to be content with visiting South Korea and let the North remain a mystery.

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