Cheap Flights to Mongolia

Cheap Flights to Mongolia

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Mongolia's largest international airport is the Chinggis Khaan International Airport located in Ulaanbaatar. The largest airlines are based here, and it is the only airport in Mongolia to offer international flights. When going to Mongolia, it is always recommended that tourists deal with travel agencies rather than going there alone with very little knowledge about the country. Mongolia is a uniquely enjoyable destination that is very densely populated in its cities; however, the countryside can often be devoid of people, leaving no means by which to get necessary information or help if an emergency occurs. Tourists can arrange their travel itinerary with the help of travel agencies, customizing according to their wishes and travel plans.


In addition to the international airports, Mongolia has 23 domestic airports. Depending upon your itinerary and with the help of a travel agent, you should be directed to the most cost-efficient flights that will meet your travel requirements.


Eznis Airways is the largest airline based in Ulaanbaatar. It has domestic and international flights to several destinations. They provide safe and comfortable travel for tourists and locals. It is convenient and provides quality services at affordable rates. MIAT Mongolian Airlines, another major airline of Mongolia, is the country's national airline; it also services both domestic and international destinations. Lastly, is Aero Mongolia, with the same type of services. These three major airlines have one common denominator-they are affordable.

More Money-Saving Tips

Peak travel is during the Naadam Festival in July, so avoiding this time-frame will result in lower costs. At this time, Ulaanbaatar's somewhat inadequate accommodations and transport options are stretched to the limits, as are the costs. Package deals are going to be your best bet and they will usually cover every single aspect of your trip. You will be told how to pack, what you need to bring with you and will more than likely be at the mercy of a local guide, which is the absolutely best place to be! You can plan your itinerary around your budget and will have few surprises once you reach Mongolia.

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Mongolia calls your name from the alpine lakes to the almost endless plains and rolling hills. With 260 average days of sunshine each year, be sure to take sunglasses and sunscreen. The 'Land of Blue Sky' is surely a sight to see and to experience!

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Although not as traveled to as other countries in Asia, Mongolia stands alone in its unspoiled beauty. Adventurers and nature lovers will enjoy the unique experience that Mongolia has to offer. Horse trekking is popular among tourists, who camp with nomadic families as they cross the landscape that is Mongolia. The nomads are almost overwhelming in their friendliness and desire to please, something that you will gladly become accustomed to. A launch point for horse treks is Khovsgol Nuur, a massive alpine lake encircled by soaring mountains and Siberian forests. Travel to Darkhad Depression where you can trek to reindeer herding camps, being the guests of herders whose fathers and fathers before them...have maintained this way of life. There are no strangers in these camps, just friends. The lakes here are full of trout, carp, and bass. Hike through Altai Tavan Bogd National Park to view ancient statues, glacier-clad mountains, sapphire alpine lakes and burial mounds from days long past. Finally, you might want to visit Kharkhiraa Uul and Turgen Uul, the summer home for nomadic herders. Khentii is the former stomping ground of Chinggis Khaan, Mongolia's most famous harbinger of change, and boasts forests, lakes and log cabins.

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