Cheap Flights to Moldova

Cheap Flights to Moldova

Getting to Moldova

The shortest and cheapest route to Moldova is from Timisoara, Romania via Carpatair. Chisinau International Airport is the main airport for international flights, and it is near many tourist spots, attractions, museums, and hotels.


The Chisinau International is the only international airport in Moldova, with flights from most parts of Europe including Romania, Italy, and Hungary. Two smaller airports serve only domestic flights and one of them is only certified for daytime flight operations.


Air Moldova is the national airline and offers direct flights from Russia, Spain, France, and several others. Moldavian Airlines, Nobil Air, and Tandem Aero are some of the smaller airlines, but both Nobil Air and Tandem Aero only offer chartered flights. Moldavian Airline currently has daily flights from Budapest, Hungary to Chisinau, Moldova. It also has flights to Italy and Germany via connecting flights from Romania.

Other Money-Saving Tips

The high season usually runs from mid-August to mid-November, so the cheapest times to visit will be the wekks just before or after this period. Meridiana is the lowest cost airline offering flights from Italy to Chisinau International Airport.

In Closing

Moldova is a great place to relax, strolling through some of the beautiful monasteries. At the end of the day, be sure to sample a few of the award winning Moldovan wines.

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Moldova is a landlocked country located in Eastern Europe sharing borders with Romania to the west and Ukraine to the east, south and north. Moldova is a young country but it is steeped in rich European history, and the art, architecture, religion, and culture have western, Roman, and Byzantine influences. Moldovans are primarily eastern orthodox Christians who worship in beautiful monasteries built in the 15th and 16th centuries. Several of the 60 monasteries have been included in UNESCO's World Heritage list, not simply for the architecture, but perhaps for the legends about them. The Tipova Monastery, for example, is said to be where the Greek mythological poet Orpheus died. Moldova is also known for its best, affordable wines, produced by members of the Moldova Wine Guild, including varietals, blended, rose, sparkling, dessert, and iced wines. Moldova also has beautiful wine cellars such as Krikova-Veki and Milestii Mici, which, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, is the largest in the world. The vineyards themselves are beautiful to visit.

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