Cheap Flights to Laos

Cheap Flights to Laos

Getting to Laos

As popular as Laos is becoming, getting there is not necessarily easy. Only two airlines, Lufthansa out of Germany and Thailand's Thai Airways flies to Laos. The secret to good fares here is to book way in advance, or to book at the very last minute. When booking last minute, flexibility is a must. Keep your suitcases and passport handy and be ready to leave when a flight becomes available. This way of travel doesn't work for many people, but for those that have some leeway in their travel plans, these last minute flights can result in huge savings.


Lao Airlines is the only airline based in Laos. Operating out of Vientiane, it offers service to 10 different domestic destinations, as well as offering international service to Cambodia, China, Thailand and Vietnam. Pre-planning will insure that flights are available when and where you want to fly.

More Money-Saving Tips

December to February and the month of August are the peak travel times to Laos. Avoid booking during these times as fares will be higher; if you choose to travel then, booking far in advance will guarantee decent fares and being able to fly on your preferred dates. The rainy season, June to August, is not as bad as it may sound. Rain, though occurring in heavy downpours, can be sporadic and interspersed with long periods of sunshine. The rain washes the dust off of everything; the land appears brighter and the smell of Laotian rain is quite pleasant. River travel is also easier during this time, while travel by unimproved roads can prove challenging, at best. March to May in Southern Laos is also an undesirable time to travel as the daytime temps hover in the low 100s and the nights are not much cooler; traveling during these months may also result in better bargains.

In Closing

Vacations often fall short of expectations due to congested cities, unexpected crowds and stressed travelers not on their best behavior. You will not find that in Laos. Its laid-back people and the influences of the ancient cultures insure that you will be integrated into the serene atmosphere, be at ease and go home in a whole new frame of mind.

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Years of war and isolation in this small Asian country has resulted in much slower growth than in other areas of Asia, which is considered by Laotian travelers to be the best thing in the world! The pristine environment, the intact cultureS and the relatively composed people of this country have combined to make it a fast growing vacation destination. It is the place to get away from it all! Laos, though growing quickly, still maintains much of the tradition that has been in existence here for centuries, something greatly lacking in other Asian destinations. Even the capital of Vientiane bestows a refreshingly simple life that is attracting a loyal following. For an even more romantic scene, visit Luang Prabang where hundreds of monks in saffron-colored robes wander among monasteries that are centuries old. This city also boasts of 32 magnificent temples. Travel to Vieng Xai to visit the former Pathet Lao headquarters that was housed in massive caverns in a secreted valley. Relish the scenery as you take a boat trip down the Mekong River between Huay Xai and Luang Prabang and take in the dramatic waterfall at Nam Tok Katamtok that roars to the bottom from 400 feet up, amidst a profuse jungle. Then, relax at the Bolaven Plateau with its striking waterfalls, ethnic villages, cool temperatures and fantastic coffee. Laos offers a variety of attractions and a pleasing atmosphere, sure to make Laos a favorite place for future visits.

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