Cheap Flights to Iraq

Cheap Flights to Iraq

Highlights of Iraq

Iraq, once known as Mesopotamia, which means "between two rivers", used to be the center of the ancient world. It is here where people first started cultivating the land, and where the written word was first put to linen scrolls. The arrival of Islam put in motion the violent history of this country, while the fall of Saddam Hussein has changed its future. Currently travel to Iraq is currently heavily restricted as Iraqis are more concerned with rebuilding a decimated country and learning to be self-sufficient than they are with tourism, though that will some day happen. Look to the future when Iraq will become one of the most 'traveled-to' destinations in the Middle East.

Getting to Iraq

Travel to Iraq is greatly restricted, so it highly recommended that you check the authenticity of any web site prior to purchasing your airline ticket(s). You should also be aware that many airlines have been restricted from the country, which means that advanced flights that were booked may no longer be valid. Make sure that you continually check the status of your flight to Iraq and the travel restrictions imposed by the current state of affairs there. Be especially vigilant about the latest updates regarding the condition of tourism in the country.


At one time there were international airports in all of the major cities of Iraq. Baghdad, Basra, Erbil, Mosul, Muthana, and Sulaimaniyah all boasted international airports. Now, the conditions of these airports are unknown and when international service will be fully restored is, at the least, questionable.


As of the moment, all airlines within Iraq only serve domestic and regional destinations. Currently, no civilian flights are allowed into Iraq, with the exception of some important civilians such as non-Iraqi wives of Iraqi nationals, students, personnel and families of personnel who are performing diplomatic missions in the country, businessmen with authorized invitation from Iraqi authorities or the military and a very few other people with important and valid purposes to the country.

More Money-Saving Tips

It is quite likely that when normal travel to Iraq resumes, fares will be greatly reduced as airports and airlines come 'on line' for service. Tourism is almost always effective at giving a fiscal boost to a monetarily troubled country, so once a stable infrastructure is reestablished, it stands to reason that Iraq will want to host the world-to open up travel to and from Iraq, to show the world how far it has come and to celebrate the joy the people feel in their liberation.

In Closing

Be patient. Iraq will some day be a very popular tourist destination and sooner than that will be a place where entrepreneurs may go to expand businesses and where family of Iraqis will feel safe to return home.

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