Cheap Flights to Hong Kong

Cheap Flights to Hong Kong

Getting to Hong Kong

Hong Kong, as one of the most popular destinations in the world, is not short on flights. You can fly on any major international airline from just about any major country in the world. Flights are competitive, but remain high all around. Japan's government regulates air travel to a great degree. Cathay Pacific, which is Hong Kong's local carrier, also flies to destinations across Asia and around the world. Plan ahead and book well in advance in order to guarantee your travel dates and times.


Hong Kong International Airport is the largest airport terminal in the world. It offers free internet access, various boutiques and shopping establishments, wonderful dining options and access to busses for economical travel to other cities or to any of the amenities the city has to offer.


Hong Kong has seven domestic airlines that provide service across China and to neighboring countries. Air Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific, Dragonair, Hong Kong Airlines, Hong Kong Express Airways, Metrojet and Oasis Hong Kong Airlines all provide shuttle services to connecting cities, and though all are comparable to one another, Hong Kong's fares are higher than most.

Other Money-Saving Tips

Hong Kong does not provide a lot of opportunity for saving money. Planning months in advance and booking online will definitely save you and if you can book all of your necessary travel in and around Hong Kong at the same time, it will be to your advantage. Taxi service in Hong Kong is exceptional and cheap, so compare before committing to a rental car. Not only can a taxi keep you from getting lost, it may be the best transportation option while there. Hong Kong is rifled with subways and trains, a confusing mess to the uninitiated or infrequent vacationer.

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Hong Kong, home to seven million people, and visited by a flood of mainland and international visitors, is probably the most crowded and vertical city in the world! You will be overwhelmed by the heights and numbers of the high-rise business and living quarters in the city. So populated, Hong Kong soon ran out of building space and only had one place to go-up. Just adjusting to this confusion can take some time for the vacationer. There is no lack of restaurants, shopping establishments, entertainment options and sights to see. Staying in a hotel is liable to land you up high, so you can experience first hand what living in Hong Kong is like. One of the most often visited sites is the 10,000 Buddhas Monastery. The Monastery actually houses some 12,800 miniature statues that line the walls of the main temple, while life-sized golden statues of Buddha's followers line the steps leading to the monastery. Big Wave Bay will surprise and delight, as one of eight prehistoric rock carvings that have been discovered in Hong Kong at this bay. Often deserted, this beach is located just a little over one mile from Shek O. Cat Street is another big attraction. It is a pedestrian-only lane populated by antique and curio shops and stalls selling a tantalizing array of local crafts, ornaments, carvings and coins. It's a great place to pick up that special memento of your trip or to buy gifts for those back home. Central Plaz's main claim to fame is the world's largest clock. Four lines of light and an intricate guide keep track of the time as light shines through the pyramid at the top of the tower. The glass skin of the tower glows in silver, gold and terracotta. You won't see anything like this anywhere else! The Fung Ying Sin Temple is touted as the main attraction in Hong Kong. This huge Taoist complex is connected to the Fanling East KCR rail station by an overhead walkway and subway. The exterior murals embody Taoist mortals and the Chinese Zodiac. An Orchard Terrace serves up a dose of serenity, while a vegetarian restaurant provides sustenance. Ashes of the departed are laid to rest in miniature tombs, complete with photographs. These are just a few of the sites to see in Hong Kong. Travelers' blogs and journals should provide insight as to where to go and what to see, so that you are not overwhelmed and see the best that Hong Kong has to offer.

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