Cheap Flights to Germany

Cheap Flights to Germany

Highlights of Germany

Germany is known for its great diversity. With such a great impact on the world for years, its history is indeed one of the richest in the world. Among the most beautiful sites that you can visit are the Eisenhart Castle, Brandenburg Gate, and the Nuremberg Old Town. Germany is also known for its wonderful scenery, so be prepared to be taken away by the most scenic sites including the Alpine scenery, Thuringin Forest, the Romantic Road, and Lake Constance. One of the things that Germany is most proud of is the Cologne Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Getting to Germany

Frankfurt and Munich are the cheapest destinations offered by airlines to Germany. There are two major airports in Germany responsible for international travelers: Frankfurt Airport and Cologne/Bonn Airport, two very busy airports. Flight destinations served by these airports would include US, Europe, Asia and Egypt. Frankfurt airport has strategically designated areas for international passengers. There are two passenger terminals divided into concourses, and First Class passengers have a special terminal.


Smaller airports would include Munich Airport, Berlin Tegel, and Dusseldorf International Airport. These airports are hubs for Air Berlin, OLT, and InterSky that provide domestic flights as well as flights to other European destinations. Usually, smaller airports have cheaper fares for flights to different regions within the country.


The main carrier in Germany is Lufthansa Airlines with flights to 78 countries across Africa, America, Asia, and Europe. The primary hubs are Frankfurt airport and Munich airport. Lufthansa provides excellent passenger service, with three fare levels for Intercontinental (First, Business and Economy class) as well as European and Domestic. Flying with his Lufthansa has advantages like the frequent flier program, Miles and More. As miles are earned, members move to a higher status level with bonus mileage and lounge access.

Other Money-Saving Tips

Though most people love globetrotting, being able to save on air travel still remains a major concern. Now, with 10-30% shaved off the ticket prices, you can enjoy significant savings, and have more to spend on other things like renting a car or shopping for family and friends. The best way to save money is to avoid travel during holiday periods and peak seasons. Increased demand always brings increased fares. Round trip tickets are generally cheaper than one-way tickets, and you can save even more by traveling mid-week. All-inclusive travel packages can help you save on food, lodging, and airfare. This is one way to get top-notch lodgings at deep discounts.

In Closing

Germany offers unique historic sites, beautiful scenery, and modern cities. Many visitors return again and again, so you are sure to enjoy your visit too. Why not make Germany part of your vacation plans?

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