Cheap Flights to France

Cheap Flights to France

Highlights of France

France is located in Western Europe stretching from the Mediterranean Sea to the English Channel and the North Sea, and from the Rhine to the Atlantic Ocean. France has incredibly lush green mountains, fascinating sandy beaches, historical monuments, and interesting architecture. Tourists from all over the world flock to France to see the famous Eiffel Tower, located in Paris. Here you can also visit the largest national museum of France, the Louvre , and drive through the Arc De Triomphe. When you break away from Paris, a driving tour of the French wine country offers many wonderful photo opportunities to commemorate your trip.

Getting to France

France is served by the world's major airlines, including Air Canada, Air France, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, British Airways, Continental Airlines, Delta, KLM, Lufthansa, UsAirways, Southwest Airlines, and Iceland Air. You can also fly from within Europe on low cost air carriers like Ryan Air and Volare, which fly to Beauvais Airport (not a major airport). From there, the airlines provide buses that to take you to different destinations in France.


The main airport is Charles de Gaulle International Airport (also known as Roissy Airport) just 14 miles northeast of Paris. It is the largest airport in France with three terminals and free shuttle buses. The airport is well connected to distant destinations via TGV trains. Other international airports include Paris Orly International Airport, Bordeaux International Airport, Lyon Saint-Exupery International Airport, Clermont-Ferrand International Airport, and others. Lyon Saint-Exupery International Airport is ideal for those who want to visit the Alps. There are two airports, Bale-Mullhouse and Geneva Airport that are commom entry points for France and Switzerland.


Air France served as the national air carrier of France prior to 2003 and now it is a subsidiary of Air France-KLM Group. It is the world's largest airlines, catering to 20 destinations within France and providing connections to more than 150 destinations worldwide. The primary hub is at Paris-Charles de Gaulle International Airport with secondary hubs based at Paris Orly International Airport, Lyon Saint-Exupery Airport and Nice Cote d Azur Airport. Its fleet consists of mixed jetliners of Airbus and Boeing for long routes and it uses Airbus A320 for shorter routes.

Other Money-Saving Tips

The peak tourist season in France is during July, August and Easter Weekend. During peak season it is difficult to get cheap tickets, but you can get great fares for the summer season if you book well in advance or look for last minute deals. The best way to get cheap airfare is to plan your travel during the off-peak season, from November through March. If your travel dates are flexible, plan your travel for weekdays, since weekend fares are considerably higher.

In Closing

Other tourist attractions include the Palace of Versailles, Mont saint Michel, Carcassonne, Chateau de Chambord, Puy de Dome, Centre Pompidou (in Paris), Musee d Orsay (in Paris), Sainte-Chapelle (in Paris), Musee Picasso (in Paris) and Chateau du Haut-Kenigsbourg (in Alsace). To enjoy natural mountain beauty, plan a visit to the Alps, an ideal place to enjoy some outdoor activities like hiking, trekking, river rafting and skiing (in winter).

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