Visit the Czech Republic

Visit the Czech Republic

Highlights of Czech Republic

The Czech Republic offers the perfect vacation destination for everyone. Whether you are old or young, planning a family getaway or a romantic one, even if you are disabled, the Czech Republic is the destination for you. Celebrating twenty years since the fall of totalitarianism, the place is alive with history, music, food, and fun. There are thousands of castles and fortresses, all with legends to bewitch the children. There are zoos and botanical gardens, national and local museums, art galleries in abundance, and architecture to take your breath away.

Getting to Czech Republic

Six international airports serve the Czech Republic, including Brno-Turany in Brno with bus connections to three capitals. The main bus station runs through the airport. Karlovy-Vary in Karlovy is the fifth largest airport in the Czech Republic. Ostrava Leos Janacek in Ostrava is the gateway to the northern area of the republic and is open 24 hours a day. Pardubice Airport in Pardubice has a rich aviation history. The first flying club in the Czech Republic was here in this city.


The primary airport is in Prague, and the majority of passengers that travel through this airport are Russian. Ruzyne in Prague has four terminals and cargo transport. Kunovice in Uherske-Hradiste is near ten hotels, one of which is the four-star Hotel Sandor Pavilion. In addition, there are sixty-four domestic airports throughout the country so you have a choice of how to get where you want to go. The official tourism site for the Czech Republic has a trip-planning link to help you decide how to get where you're going.


There are six airlines serving the Czech Republic. ABS Jets is an executive charter service. Central Connect Airlines is also a charter service offering flights to Vienna and Split, Croatia. Czech Airlines flies to over 42 destinations in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Euro Cargo Air flies to Africa, Asia, and the United States. Grossman Jet Service is a charter air service that flies all over the world. Smartwings is a low-cost airline based in Prague operating under the name of Travel Service Airlines.

Other Money-Saving Tips

The peak season for tourism is in May. There are fewer crowds in September and the weather is still wonderful. April and October will get you cheaper rates but the weather is cooler and so you should pack warm clothes and carry a jacket. The Czech Website is currently listing Easter and Christmas holidays and so it is possible to get package deals for those periods. Also, if you choose to stay in Prague, you can take trains or buses to some of the other cities cheaper than flying from one city to the next. In fact, should you decide to stay in another city, it may be cheaper to fly into Prague and then take the train to your final destination.

In Closing

The Czech Republic is a land of history, architecture, art, and fairy tales. Truly accessible to all travelers, this may be the place to visit in Europe. Whether you go for the natural beauty, the history, or to visit romantic Prague, you will not be disappointed.

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