Cheap Flights to Croatia

Cheap Flights to Croatia

Highlights of Croatia

Croatia attracts many tourists each year, mainly because of its beautiful landscape, rolling hills, rocky beaches, and high mountains. The incredible medieval castles, the warm sunny weather for sun lovers, and the excellent diving along the coastline are all reasons to consider planning a trip to Croatia soon.

Getting to Croatia

The slowest and cheapest route is by overnight ferry, which runs from Rijeka to Split. You can also travel by bus, train, or car. The cheapest method is by discounted airline or travel package to the major cities such as Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Split, Pula and Zadar. Using any of these routes, you can be sure to find cheap flights to Croatia.


Major airports include Zagreb, Dubvronik, Split, and Zadar Airports. Zagreb is the main international airport, and the Croatia Air Force uses it as a fighter jet base. It is located 6 miles from the railway station. Dubvronik Airport is 9 miles from the city center. Minor airports include: the Bol Airport, located on the small island of Brac and primarily used during the summer season; and the Osijek Airport, serving 200-400 passengers an hour and located in Osijek.


Major airlines include Croatia Airlines and Dubrovnik Airlines. Croatia Airlines is the country's national airline, based in Zagreb, the capital city. This carrier serves Austria, Belgium and Bosnia. Dubrovnik Airline is a charter airline based in Dubrovnik, and it operates on the continent. A minor airline, Trade Air, is a combination of charter passenger and cargo carrier.

Other Money-Saving Tips

Cheap flights are hardest to find during the peak season between June and August, when the beaches are very popular. Cheaper fares are available during the off-peak season, when you can take advantage of the skiing in Zagreb and Rijeka. The most effective way to book cheap flights to Croatia is through the Internet. There are daily flights from Paris, Amsterdam, Vienna, and London. Advanced booking is also available, and that is often the best way to find lower fares.

In Closing

The country's incredible coastline will not disappoint you. The resorts located at Dubrovnik Island are close to the beach and offer spectacular sunsets, pine trees, and botanical gardens. Since Croatia is not an English speaking country, you can benefit by learning some Croat phrases so you can interact with the people.

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