Cheap Flights to China

Cheap Flights to China

Highlights of China

China is the second largest country in the world after Canada, has approximately a fifth of the world's population, and is famous for being the world's oldest civilization that remains today. It is a major travel destination for both business travelers and vacationers. The country's large population and advancements in technology have created great opportunities for business owners and traders. Tourists, on the other hand, can enjoy the Yellow River, the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, Mount Everest, the Gobi Desert, and the Qinghai-Tibet plateau, among other famous sights. Visit the Chinese countryside, shrines, and monasteries, the health spas and traditional medical experts for natural cures for modern ailments. Shop in China's major cities and relax in its expansive parks - the opportunities for vacationers in China are endless!

Getting to China

Flights to China can vary greatly, depending on your departure, destination, the time of year, flight times and pre-planning. You may want to take several factors into account to make certain that you secure the cheapest airfare to China. Direct flights to any destination in China are usually the most expensive. The cheapest fares will result from one or more connections. Bargain flights to China often land in other major cities first, such as Seoul or Shanghai, before ending in Beijing or any other major Chinese destination.


With a whopping 40 international airports, China represents one of the most diverse and easily reachable countries to fly to. Pick a date, pick a time and start searching. Connections to the dozens of regional airports should also present no special problems. Airport security is extremely tight, so insure that you are fully aware of the most current rules and regulations governing flight into and out of China. Leave nothing to chance when traveling here and your efforts will be greatly rewarded.


Most major carriers from most major countries will fly either direct or with layovers to China. You will find that most flights are very comparable and will usually be less expensive when planning months in advance. Within the country, there are no less than 30 domestically operated airlines flying into the numerous regional airports. Again, all flights are comparable and price and only meticulous pre-planning and/or a willingness to take the 'red-eye' will result in significant savings.

Other Money-Saving Tips

It might be to your advantage to seek the expertise of a travel agent, unless you have the time to completely research your travel options. Flexibility will be your most valuable asset. Traveling Tuesday through Thursday will result in much cheaper fares; business travelers fly on Mondays and Fridays, while professionals on vacation will travel Friday through Monday. Research online is a must! You must also be armed with a good map and a rudimentary knowledge of where everything in China is. Check out travel blogs and sites for the best destinations. The people that provide input are usually well-versed in what and what not to do while in China, including the ins and outs of the political structure and behavior that is expected of China's visitors.

In Closing

Regardless of the stigma often attached to China, it is a country rich in culture and history, and one that opens its arms to people from around the world. China has come a long way towards international relations. The fear of traveling in China is mostly just a distant memory now, while the rewards for such a trip are unique. Put China on your Asian itinerary, or mark it down as a destination vacation spot!

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