Cheap Flights to Bangladesh

Cheap Flights to Bangladesh

Highlights of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is located in Southeast Asia and is bordered by India and Burma (Myanmar). In 2007 Bangladesh was once again on the map, but only because Cyclone Sidr wrought such utter devastation here. In short order Bangladesh was back in operation and the remnants of the cyclone are mostly gone today.

Bangladesh offers a variety of activities off the beaten path than the more common tourist destinations. At your leisure, explore the Sundarbans National Park, the largest mangrove swamp in the world! Enlist a guide to enter this forest of ancient trees, one third of which is canals, river channels and tidal creeks. This is a world where your imagination will see tiger stripes behind every tree-which, of course, is the attraction! Then, leave the eerily dark mangrove forest for the swirling dervish that is Dhaka. No matter how many times you may visit here, the overwhelming feeling of utter chaos is the same. 600,000 some rickshaws ply their trade, creating a kaleidoscopic collage of color as they display art and advertisements. Once you are enveloped into and made one with the beat of this city, take a breather and visit the Liberation War or National Museum and take a boat ride from Sadarghat to see the vivid contrasts and panorama that is Dhaka. After Dhaka's chaos, a little quiet may be in order. Travel to Lowacherra National Park. This park, taking in over 3,000 acres, is the home to a semi-evergreen forest in which reside some inhabitants that you will not see elsewhere. The critically endangered Hoolock Gibbon can be seen swinging through the trees. An additional 19 species of mammals, including the Capped Langur, the unusual Barking Deer, the delightful Slow Loris and the orange-bellied Himalayan Squirrel also call this home. Bird watching here is some of the best in the world and the 20 varieties of orchids will captivate you.

Getting to Bangladesh

Bangladesh is home to three international airports. The Shah Amanat International Airport is in Chittagong. Zia and Osmani International are in Dhaka and Sylhet, respectively. Flying to Bangladesh will require connections through other countries for most passengers, so combining Bangladesh with an extended stop-over in a connecting city may be a most viable economic option.


Bangladesh also has regional domestic airports in the cities of Barisal, Cox's Bazar, Jessore, Rajshahi and Saidpur. The city of Bagerhat's Khan Jahan Ali Airport is under construction at this time.


Bangladesh's airlines are mostly privately owned. Most offer international flights, as well as domestic and none are considered low-cost carriers. Air Sylhet, Best Air, and United Airways are domestic carriers only. GMG Airlines, Royal Bengal Airlines and Biman Bangladesh Airlines offer international service as well.

Other Money-Saving Tips

Three-quarters of the annual rainfall occurs between June and September with almost unbearable humidity and temperatures ranging up to 104 ?F during the hot season from March to mid-May. Of course, this is the time that you will be able to find your best air fares. The cold season, from mid-October to February, is drier, with average temperatures around 75 ?F and is the preferred time to visit Bangladesh. The only festival that may make travel in Bangladesh a challenge is Ramadan. This month-long period of fasting can make eating, especially in small towns, next to impossible, as many eating establishments cease operations. Budget hotels may also close during this time. There is no time that you will run into the crush of tourist traffic as in other high profile destinations; planning and booking far in advance or at the very last minute will most likely result in your lowest fares.

In Closing

Bangladesh has a lot to offer the traveler that wants something out of the ordinary. Even the risk of a monsoon can be exciting, unless you are caught outside in a hail storm. Bangladesh's people look forward to the tourist trade they get and make you feel welcome and at home. Take a chance and check it out!

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